Josh Duggar Trial: Juror Linked To Jim Bob’s Family, Judge Furious

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As details of Josh Duggar’s trial begin to pour in, it was discovered that one of the jurors was linked to Jim Bob’s family. Unsurprisingly, the judge was furious when the connection between the juror and Josh Duggar’s family was discovered. What all do we know about this juror that was linked to Josh Duggar’s family? Keep reading and we’ll share the details.

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Duggar snark sits in on day one of Josh Duggar’s trial

Turns out, a Duggar snark made the decision to sit in the courtroom during day one of Josh Duggar’s trial and take notes. The individual posted notes and updates on Reddit for the world to see. Those who follow the Duggar family appreciated the updates on Josh Duggar’s trial.

Now, one question you may have is whether the individual dropping these notes and updates on Josh Duggar’s trial is credible. Turns out, this same individual has posted pictures of the area. These pictures included going to Duggar cousin Amy King’s store. So, it is safe to assume the individual is credible and telling the truth.

Amy King Instagram
Amy King Instagram

Jury selection: Juror linked to Josh’s family

The notes offering updates on Josh Duggar’s trial revealed the jury selection process. What many found to be shocking — including the judge — is that a member of the jury was linked to Josh Duggar’s family. According to the notes on the Reddit thread, the judge was noticeably upset that the connection between the juror and the Duggar family was not made sooner in the jury selection process.

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According to the notes, juror number 7 was dismissed because her daughter was married to one of Jim Bob Duggar’s sons. The individual added: “Judge was floored that prior screening didn’t prevent this.”

Josh Duggar trial: Who might the juror have been?

On Facebook, those following the trial speculate who the juror connected to Jim Bob and Josh’s family might’ve been. Internet sleuths noted they aren’t too many options as it would have to be someone who lives in the area. Moreover, it would have to be someone who wasn’t called as a witness during the trial.

Some speculated Kendra or Lauren’s mother made the most sense. Another individual noted that Lauren’s dad was a witness. So, it was highly unlikely her mother would be called as a juror on the same case. Others chimed in that it also could have been Katey’s mother that got dismissed.

Caldwell Family Instagram, Christina Caldwell, Kendra Duggar
Caldwell Family Instagram

Does it surprise you that one of the jurors on the Josh Duggar trial was linked to Jim Bob’s family? Does the judge getting so upset by this link being discovered surprise you? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest updates on the Josh Duggar trial.

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