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‘Addicted To Marriage’: Mercedes Figures Out Monette’s Issues?

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Addicted To Marriage premiered a few weeks ago on TLC. It has quickly become a fan favorite and guilty pleasure as four women attempt to tie the not-again. In total, they have been married twenty times. Yet, Monette takes the cake, walking down the aisle eleven times. She is now in a serious relationship with John. Unfortunately for her, he has yet to pop the question. Monette’s daughter, Mercedes may have the solution as to why she struggles in relationships, particularly with John.

Monette Is Definitely Addicted To Marriage

At fifty-two, Monette is not shy at all about how many times she has been married. She admits she married her high school love so they could be intimate. Having been raised Mormon, it was against the church to do anything intimate before marriage. She was married to her first husband for ten years. Her second husband, she loved so much, she married him again after they got divorced.

Credit: TLC
Credit: TLC

Husband number four had great kids that she became close to but they did not work. Number five was someone she admits she really did love and number six was like number two. Even after they divorced, they gave it another go thus he became husband number seven. Number eight was a whirlwind romance while number nine was a bad boy she never should have married. Ten was a childhood friend who should have stayed that way. Finally, number eleven is someone who is better left unspoken about.

Credit: TLC
Credit: TLC

Monette admits she is great single but that has only lasted her two months at most. People have suggested maybe the problem is actually her but she is not so sure. In a sneak peek at tonight’s episode, Monette’s daughter Mercedes realizes there is one crucial issue her mom has. This could be the reason her relationship with current boyfriend, John is at a standstill.

What’s Up With Monette?

Monette has some serious issues, which her daughter Mercedes takes note of. Apparently, finances are not where Monette thrives. In a preview for the latest episode, the mother/daughter duo are seen chatting. Mercedes brings up how she used to monitor the familial finances growing up. Admittedly, Mercedes likes John for her mom but Monette has some issues with him.

Credit: TLC
Credit: TLC

Monette is a very free-spirited, free-thinking person. They recall a time where they got stranded in Vegas and Monette blew a few grand at the auction. Mercedes flipped out on her mother which is exactly what John does. Here mom did not care about bills or money but Monette says she has gotten better about that. This is where the couple is now at an in pass.

Addicted To Marriage Credit: TLC
Credit: TLC

Monette thinks John is being uptight when it comes to finances whereas Mercedes believes he is just trying to pay the bills. She shares that her mother never realized everyone has their quirks. When one of her husbands did something she did not like, she would leave. It was not always necessary and Mercedes tried to explain this. Sadly, it fell on deaf ears.

Can Monette and John work out their issues and walk down the aisle? Find out on a new episode of Addicted To Marriage Tuesday nights on TLC.

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