Lindsay Lohan 2021 Net Worth: How Much Does The Actress Make?

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Fans are wondering about Lindsay Lohan’s 2021 net worth. How much does the Mean Girls star make now that she’s left Hollywood?

She’s been making headlines once again. The former child star announced that she’s engaged to boyfriend Bader Shammas. This news came as a shock to fans since most didn’t even know she was seeing someone.

Once again, the rumors are swirling that she could appear on The Real Housewives of Dubai since that’s where she lives. Now that’s she’s engaged, the rumors make a little more sense.

Earlier this month, Netflix teased a photo of her upcoming Christmas rom-com. Lilo is making her big return to the small screen. She will star in the quaint film alongside Glee alum Chord Overstreet.

What is The Parent Trap star doing these days?

Lindsay escaped Hollywood to the United Arab Emirates. It seemed like an unlikely spot for the once-troubled starlet, but it worked in her favor. She rarely gets into trouble over there. If she does, it’s good trouble. Still, there are times when Lindsay makes headlines for political reasons.

The actress opened up a Lohan Beach House in Mykonos, Greece. She has plans to open another one in Rhodes. She wants to become the next Lisa Vanderpump. The former Disney star even had a short-lived reality series on MTV called Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club.

[Credit: Lindsay Lohan/Instagram]
[Credit: Lindsay Lohan/Instagram]
The singer is also known for her pop career. Some fans still listen to her debut album to this day. Lindsay continues to dabble in music and released a few singles earlier this year. She even collaborated with the ’80s group Duran Duran.

However, she has yet to release a follow-up to her 2005 album, A Little More Personal. Lindsay’s biggest hit song to date is “Rumors.” While she still lives in Dubai, she made her grand return to Hollywood to star in the Netflix Christmas movie. During her virtual interview on Live From Time Square New Year’s Eve with Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen in 2019, Lindsay teased that she plans to make a comeback in acting.

Lindsay Lohan’s 2021 Net Worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Lindsay is worth an estimated $1.5 million. This may come as a shock to fans since her old movies are on television all of the time. It’s hard to escape classic films like Mean Girls and The Parent Trap. Yet, Lindsay makes very little residuals from her acting career.

Throughout her Hollywood career, she earned $28 million from movie salaries. Most of that money is gone due to her drinking and partying days. Unfortunately, she became famous for her controversies and run-in switch the law. She has faced a series of legal and personal problems over the years.

Lindsay Lohan Engaged [Credit: Lindsay Lohan/Instagram]
[Credit: Lindsay Lohan/Instagram]
In 2011, Lindsay surprised fans when she posed naked for Playboy. She reportedly earned $1 million to pose for the men’s magazine. A year later, the IRS seized control over her bank accounts in an effort to get back the $233,000 in unpaid federal taxes.

By the next year, Lindsay earned $2 million to appear in a series of exclusive interviews with Oprah Winfrey. She set those earnings aside to pay for her IRS debts, rehab fees, and taxes.

Are you surprised by Lindsay Lohan’s 2021 net worth? What do you think of her acting comeback? Sound off below in the comments. Check back with TV Shows Ace for more news on Lindsay Lohan.

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