‘Teen Mom’: Amber Portwood Thanksgiving Post Rubs Fans The Wrong Way

Credit: Amber Portwood/YouTube

Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood‘s fans are not feeling the television personality’s Thanksgiving post this year. Like most people, Amber was enjoying dinner with most of her family on Thursday. However, missing from the festivities were a couple of very important people, Amber’s children Leah and James.

Amber took to Instagram to share a photo of herself with the two nephews. What to some seemed like an innocent holiday photo, began rubbing others the wrong way according to The Heavy.com. Some of Portwood’s followers believe that Amber purposely shared the photo and the questionable caption as a direct dig at her daughter Leah.

Credit Amber Portwood Instagram
Credit: Amber Portwood/Instagram

Amber Portwood Claims She ‘Doesn’t Want To Burn Bridges With Leah’

The Teen Mom star is seen in the photo snuggling up to her two nephews. Amber’s caption reads, ” The love me and my nephews have is like we never parted. Wish I could show more off the fam but they need some anonymity. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.”

Portwood’s followers immediately began commenting on the post. One writes, “I wonder how Leah feels seeing this?”

“She’s taking a swipe at Leah being the anom fam. Yes, your mature daughter wants you to embarrass her with your stupid posts and rants claim one more.

A third commenter adds, “Amber is so trying to make Leah jealous. Some great parenting there! No wonder Leah keeps her distance, who needs that negativity!”

Credit: Amber Portwood Instagram
Credit:Amber Portwood/Instagram

Gary Shirley Claims Amber Portwood Embarrasses Their Daughter

As previously reported by TV Shows Ace, Amber was recently called out by her ex-Gary Shirley claiming that Leah is growing very tired of Amber constantly embarrassing her with her social media posts. During the Season finale of Teen Mom OG Gary and Amber attended a therapy session together.

Gary reveals the purpose of the session is to grow a better understanding and relationship with Amber in order for their co-parenting to run smoothly. While Gary claims he has noticed some changes in Amber, especially when it comes to managing her anger. There is one very big issue that is still a huge problem.

That problem is Amber’s dark social media rants. Shirley claims it is very difficult to shelter Leah from them. “Some of Leah’s friends see the videos and it is really embarrassing for her,” claims Shirley.

Credit: Amber Portwood/Instagram
Credit: Amber Portwood/Instagram

Miles To Go

Quick to jump to defend herself Amber responds” I was having a really horrible manic episode and you go through man for a couple of weeks. You talk a lot of s**t and you feel just horrible afterward. When you get down you’re like oh man, how can I fix this? Can I fix this?”

Portwood states that she “Gave my Instagram over to my manager. “A lot of us- people like me-it’s like burning bridges left and right and that’s something that I don’t want to do with Leah.”

Do you believe Amber Portwood is making an effort to save her relationship with Leah?

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