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‘Lost In Space’: Season 3, A Boy and His Robot

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Remakes feel like a cash grab sometimes. Lost in Space is not that remake. Some viewers were around for the original 1965 TV series. It made some cheap appliance parts into a fantastic robot companion. The new series was released in early 2018 to middling critical reception according to Rotten Tomatoes. Season 2 picked up the pace with a little less aimless exploring and a little more deadly-robots-coming-to-destroy-all-humans.

Lost In Space, final season

Season 3 is set to release on Netflix on December 1st. The thrilling final season will bring together the Robinson family one final time. As if the constant threat of space just generally being a terrible place to live wasn’t enough, having a horde of deadly robots coming to kill you and your family can’t be fun. The Season 3 trailer returns to form with stunning visuals. The epic outer space themes mixed with the majesty of modern VFX will convince any viewer of the scope we are meant to feel.



What’s different from before?

This new take on Lost in Space doesn’t stray from the source material too far. However, it manages to keep each episode a bit more exciting by ditching the pure episode-by-episode form in favor of a more focused story arc. It takes a more serious tone from the wacky adventures of its predecessors. Of course, in the promotional material for the show, it is difficult to go a few seconds without hearing the line it doesn’t make it less engaging. “Danger, Will Robinson” could be the title of nearly everything that happens.

Danger Will Robinson

When the show opens the Robinson clan has been selected to join a space colony. They are meant to leave with other carefully selected groups. True to form, they are quickly thrown off course and land in a much more hostile alien environment. What was supposed to be a better world for the family seems them cast into uncertainty. Although, this space epic doesn’t keep the Robinson family wondering for very long. The danger that they face is evident at every turn, however. Not only are they tasked with surviving the dangers of random worlds, but deceptive humans add suspense and mystery.

Robot on planet
Lost in Space, Youtube

Should you binge Season 3 of Lost in Space?

Ultimately, Lost in Space makes for great family fun. It has a little bit of everything for anyone willing to get past the nostalgia that is used to sell it to the audience. Some critics think that the show lacks depth but there is plenty of intrigue for all ages. The story of a family sticking together through adversity is timeless. Grab everyone from grandma to the kids for this visually appealing and exciting feel-good adventure.

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