Meri Brown Reveals All: Kody Looking For New Wife To Replace Christine?

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Meri Brown revealed all to Sister Wives fans in the comments on social media recently. Turns out, someone commented on one of her posts wagering that it wouldn’t be long before Kody Brown began courting a new wife to replace Christine.

Sister Wives fans know Meri Brown is not usually one to talk about her personal life, family, or her relationship with Kody. Moreover, fans speculate because of her contract with TLC she just chooses not to say anything so she doesn’t violate her NDA. So, everyone was surprised when Meri Brown decided to respond to this particular comment.

So, is Kody Brown looking to replace Christine with a new wife? We previously speculated Robyn Brown would NEVER let that happen as what she really wants is to have Kody to herself. In a very snarky response, Meri Brown shed some light on the question.

Would Robyn Brown allow Kody to bring in a new wife?

Sister Wives fans suspect it is only a matter of time before all of Kody’s wives leave him until he is only married to Robyn. Many fans believe that it was Robyn has wanted from the beginning of her relationship with Kody. During one Season 16 trailer, Kody Brown insisted that there was no head wife in this family. He claimed they made decisions together, typically by majority review. He, however, was the head of the family.

Sister Wives Robyn Brown
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Meri Brown reveals all: Is Kody looking for a replacement wife?

According to Katie Joy of Without a Crystal Ball, Meri Brown got snarky with one of her followers on Facebook. In the comments of one of Meri’s posts, the individual asked who wanted to place a bet that Kody had already found a new wife to replace Christine.

Meri was quick to fire back at the individual that they would lose that bet before adding an “lol” to the end of her comment. In her own sassy way, this was Meri Brown’s way of shutting down any and all rumors that Kody Brown was interested in bringing a new wife into his family after Christine made the decision to leave him.

Meri Brown Youtube
Meri Brown YouTube

Do you think Kody Brown wants a new wife to replace Christine? Are you surprised Meri Brown decided to reveal the truth on Instagram? Share your thoughts in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for the latest Sister Wives news.

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