‘LPBW’: Jealous Lilah Roloff CRASHES Jackson’s Special Date

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LIPBW starlet Lilah Roloff CRASHES Jackson’s special date. See the pictures and find out what the tyke was up to.

Jealous of the growing family?

Is Lilah Roloff feeling a little jealous that she won’t be the baby of the family much longer? Earlier this month, Tori and Zach shares the happy news that they will welcome baby number three in 2022. The news comes months after Tori’s struggle to conceive after a miscarriage in early 2021.

The family has yet to reveal if they are having a boy or a girl. Lilah’s hilarious face in the pregnancy reveal photos had fans wondering if she’s not as excited about the new baby as everyone else.

Lilah Roloff via Tori Roloff Instagram
Lilah Roloff via Tori Roloff Instagram

Lilah Roloff CRASHES Jackson’s special date

Is jealous why Lilah crashed Jackson’s special date? Tori took to her Instagram Stories to share a photo of her with her two kids in a movie theater. What was meant to be a mommy and Jackson date at the movies turned into a family affair after plans were changed.

“And Lilah was clearly stoked” to get an invite on the date, Tori wrote. Furthermore, it turns out that it was the tyke’s FIRST TIME at the movies. What did she see? The new Disney movie Encanto, which Tori says was “so cute.”

In the photo, Lilah is wearing her pink glasses and trademark bow in her hair. She sits on her mom’s lap, beaming. Next to them sits Jackson, eyes glued to the movie screen.

Credit: Tori Roloff/Instagram
Credit: Tori Roloff/Instagram

LPBW‘s Tori shares her ‘favorite view’

In another photo posted to her Instagram Stories, Tori shares her ‘favorite view.’ In the photo, Jackson sprawls out on the couch with his head resting on a pillow. The serene tyke appears to be watching television.

Behind Jackson is a view of the family’s lush yard in their new home in Washington. Tori and Zach recently moved from Oregon to Washington with their kids. Is Tori calling Jackson her ‘favorite view’ or the landscape behind him?

Credit: Tori Roloff/Instagram
Credit: Tori Roloff/Instagram

Do you think jealousy was the reason Lilah Roloff crashed Jackson’s date? Or could she be going through the ‘terrible twos’? The beloved LPBW star turned two-years-old earlier this month. Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Come back to TV Shows Ace often for updates on the Roloff family and any news on a new LPBW season on TLC. The network has yet to reveal plans for a Season 23 and rumors swirl of a spin-off.

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