‘Below Deck Med’: Malia White On Her Horrifying Hospital Stay Overseas

Below Deck Med Malia White [Credit: Malia White/Instagram]

Below Deck Med star Malia White shared the details of her scooter accident. In July 2021, the boatswain ended up in a gruesome accident. She shared the photos on social media. Malia walked away with broken bones, scrapes, and stitches. The reality star is lucky to be alive.

She’s also not sure how she made it through the hospital stay. Malia White took her scooter for a ride with her friends through the island of Mallorca. At first, things started off strong. The crew was enjoying the picturesque escape. However, things took a turn when Malia’s scooter got out of control.

Below Deck Med star shares photos of her grisly accident

Malia White shared photos of herself in a hospital bed. The Below Deck Med star was photographed with stitches above her eye. Her legs were also covered in bandages. The Bravo star was wrapped up in head-to-toe gauze.

Talk about Instagram vs. Reality. Malia wanted to share the before and after photos of her accident. The television personality also shared an important PSA with her fans and followers. Thankfully, Malia didn’t hit her head too bad since she wore a helmet.

“AFTER: On Instagram we usually share the pretty stuff but this is the important stuff – I’m sharing this to express the importance of always wearing a helmet,” Malia White wrote in her Instagram post, at the time. “Mine quite literally saved my life. I spent the premiere night in a hospital bed after having a mean accident on my scooter. I’ve been riding scooters my whole life, was familiar with the equipment, wasn’t drinking, and was 10 minutes from my boat.”

[Credit: Malia White/Instagram]
[Credit: Malia White/Instagram]
She shared a reminder with her fans. Malia warned them that accidents can happen, even if you’re just having fun. It’s important to maintain that awareness, no matter if the activity is dangerous or not. It took Malia several weeks to recover from the accident, but she bounced back thanks to her active and healthy lifestyle.

Malia White talks about horrific hospital stay

The Below Deck Mediterranean star made an appearance on the Hollywood Raw Podcast. Malia White shared the details of her scary accident and brutal hospital stay. It was a different experience for someone who’s used to the U.S. healthcare system. Most of the nurses or doctors didn’t speak English well, which made it hard for Malia to get the information she needed.

“Honestly, that was the worst part. Like I speak broken Spanish. She was speaking broken English. And basically, she brought this tub in. And she was like, ‘I’m so sorry, this is going to hurt.’ And I was like, ‘What? What’s going on?'” Malia White explained. “And she just takes this sponge and like this brush, and she starts scrubbing all of my [wounds]…I had wounds that were massive and it was pure iodine [in the tub] and I just started screaming. She gave me a plastic stick to bite down on, and I was like, ‘No, please, stop.'”

While Malia did wear a helmet, she did end up with a concussion, road rash, and other extensive injuries. The asphalt cracked her helmet down the middle, which caused the concussion. She also recalled not receiving any medication to numb the pain.

Below Deck Med Malia White's Travels [Credit: Malia White: Instagram]
[Credit: Malia White/Instagram]
“They didn’t give me any pain medication, and I was like, ‘Why? Please give me pain medication,'” Malia said. “She’s like, ‘We can’t yet.’ Because they had to do scans and everything you know, which I understand.”

The yachtie is doing much better these days. She’s been traveling and living her life with Jake the Engineer. Malia is still working in the yachting industry. She’s currently studying to become a captain.

The scooter accident happened on the same night that Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6 premiered on Bravo. The show is currently on hiatus. Below Deck Season 9 airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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