‘Below Deck’: Fraser Olender On That Steamy Three-Way Kiss

Below Deck Fraser Olender [Credit: Fraser Olender/Instagram]

Below Deck star Fraser Olender opened up about that three-way kiss with deckhand Jake Foulger. Things are already getting downright hot on the show’s ninth season. Fraser did not hold back on his attraction for Jake. He thinks he’s a hottie, even if he’s engaged to someone else.

The crew got downright raunchy and wild during a night out. After they had dinner, they headed back to the yacht to party some more. Amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the crew has to party on the boat instead of at the local club. But that doesn’t mean that things get boring for them on those nights in.

Below Deck star admits that alcohol was involved

Fraser Olender has already become the breakout star of Below Deck Season 9. Fans want him to return as the new chief stew for Season 10. They’ve been siding with him amid his feud with chief stew Heather Chase. They agree that she is a poor leader who doesn’t put enough effort into her work.

Fraser recently made waves with his three-way kiss involving Jake Foulger and Rayna Lindsey. The three crewmates leaned in for a hot makeout session in the hot tub. It’s one of the steamiest moments to happen in Below Deck history. This moment left viewers wondering if another love triangle is going to take place this season.

[Credit: YouTube]
[Credit: YouTube]
As fans already know, Rayna has the hots for Jake. The two made out during the crew’s first outing. Since then, she was smitten, even if she’s kind of involved with someone else back at home. Yet, Rayna isn’t the only one who’s had her eye on Jake.

Fraser had an attraction to him from the start. According to Fraser, there a lot of alcohol involved. He wasn’t the only crew member who was under the influence. Jake inhaled the hummus due to his drunken stupor. Fraser revealed that the two have been in contact since the show wrapped up filming last year.

Fraser Olender shares his relationship status

The Below Deck star also shared his relationship status. Of course, Fraser Olender had to use one of his Fraser-isms. He teased that there could be something more between them. The second stew also revealed that he’s on good terms with all his crew members.

“Jake and I have a really strong bond and a great relationship,” the Below Deck star said, as quoted by Cinema Blend. “Jake is going to be in my heart for as long as I can see down the line. But I’m still good friends with all of them.”

Below Deck Hot Tub [Screenshot | YouTube]
[Screenshot | YouTube]
He also admitted that Jake “couldn’t be further” from his “type.” At the time, he couldn’t help but notice that he had a “wonderful personality,” and is “funny,” “witty,” and “kind.” Fraser had a lot of kind words to say about Jake. It sounds like it was more than just another drunken Below Deck hookup.

Fraser also teased that their three-way kiss becomes a one-on-one kiss between the two men. The yachtie says that it will “create a really interesting and fun storyline” that will run until the end of the season. But, for now, the men are currently exploring their flirtationship.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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