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‘Full House’ Jodie Sweetin Starved Amid Quarantine, Lost Tons Of Weight

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Full House and Fuller House star Jodie Sweetin reveals she starved during quarantine causing her to lose a ton of weight. Best known for her beloved role as Stephanie Tanner, the ABC and Netflix star admits the COVID-19 pandemic did NOT do her mental health any favors.

Jodie Sweetin starved during quarantine, lost tons of weight

For most people, the COVID-19 pandemic caused them to pack on the pounds. Reality TV star Chase Chrisley, for example, admitted to putting on some serious weight while being trapped at home. Others celebrities and reality TV stars have fessed up to the same problem.

According to People Magazine, Full House and Fuller House star Jodie Sweetin had the opposite problem. She spent a large portion of her quarantine starving because of her mental health. And, it caused her to lose a significant amount of weight.

The 39-year-old actress explained that she’s a “stress starver.” Where most people would solve their stress issues by eating, she does the opposite.

Jodie Sweetin Instagram
Jodie Sweetin Instagram

The Fuller House star knows she was lucky

Jodie Sweetin recognizes she was luckier than most during the COVID-19 pandemic. She was in a position where she was able to stay home and quarantine with her children without financial struggle. Moreover, no one in her immediate family got sick with COVID-19.

Having a history of depression and anxiety, her mental health did struggle during the quarantine. The star revealed during an interview with host Allison Kugel on the Allison Interviews podcast that she was “a mess” during the bulk of quarantine.

Jodie Sweetin Instagram
Jodie Sweetin Instagram

She explained: “I was not a fully functioning person. I lost like 37 lbs. during [quarantine], because I’m a stress starver, and not in a good way. I just stopped eating. I couldn’t keep food down.”

I have severe anxiety and depression anyway, so it really didn’t do any favors for my mental health. I really struggled with it, and for me it was a time of feeling really out of control.”

Jodie Sweetin admits that anxiety continues to plague her as she worries about the long-term mental health problems that come with the pandemic and quarantine.

Jodie Sweetin Instagram
Jodie Sweetin Instagram

She continued: “I can only imagine, as semi-smooth sailing it was for us, what other people went through. I think that collective trauma and pain has really affected us, and is really going to affect everyone’s mental health in ways that we haven’t seen yet.”

I can’t imagine how it affected people who were working on the front lines. People who were nurses, people who were losing family members to COVID. I fell apart and I was managing to do okay but I was terrified for my kids and the world and all of it.”

Jodie Sweetin has been working on her mental health

As People Magazine reminds us, Jodie Sweetin struggled with drug and alcohol abuse for nearly 15 years. The actress has been struggling with managing her mental health ever since she got clean and sober back in 2008.

The Netflix and ABC star admits she is happy she lives in a society where mental health is openly discussed and accepted as a part of life versus the stigma that being unwell mentally once carried.

Jodie Sweetin Instagram
Jodie Sweetin Instagram

She concluded during the podcast: “I’m always very honest that, for me, medication has been key. Otherwise, my struggle was so bad I wasn’t getting out of bed. Now that I know when I need to speak up for myself, even into my thirties, feeling like I needed some therapy and I probably need a psychiatrist for some meds, and all of these things to start taking care of myself.”

Does it surprise you to learn Jodie Sweetin starved during the pandemic and lost nearly 40 pounds? Share your thoughts with us in the comments down below.

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