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Blake Moynes Dishes On Rumors He Could Be ‘The Bachelor’

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Blake Moynes went on a podcast this week to talk about his breakup with Katie Thurston. Plus, he shared his thoughts on Katie announcing she’s dating fellow Bachelorette contestant John Hersey. While talking he also dished on some rumors that have been flying around the internet. One big rumor flying around is that Blake could be in the running to be the second lead of The Bachelor for 2022. Keep reading to find out more.

Blake Moynes dishes on rumors he could be The Bachelor

Blake Moynes went on the Talking it Out podcast to share how he’s feeling after his breakup with fiance Katie Thurston. Mike Johnson and Bryan Abasolo talked to Blake about what exactly broke them up. Blake dished that their decision to split was mutual. However, Katie basically ended things on the telephone after deciding to not fly to Canada following her debut standup comedy act.

Blake said they both knew they were not as compatible as they had hoped. The first part of his interview was taped last week.

Internet rumors were discussed and one specifically surfaced and that is if Blake is really in the running to be The Bachelor. Blake said there is no chance that is happening. He said he is not mentally in the mindset to do the show. He did note that ABC and producers have been great reaching out to him after his breakup with Katie to make sure he’s okay.

Blake also said that while one should never say never he thinks there is nearly zero chance he will appear again on The Bachelor franchise. When he is ready to date again, which is definitely not now, he hopes to meet the woman for him out in the real world. He noted that trying to find love on television failed three times so he would rather find it organically outside of reality TV.

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Clearing the air on another hot internet topic

Blake also noted that one thing he hears often is that he fell in love with three women on the show. He said he wanted to settle that piece of information once and for all. Blake said he never fell in love with Tayshia Adams and Clare Crawley. He also noted that he never said those words to either of those two.

Blake also noted that those doors have closed and he would not go back and date them again.

Katie Thurston, Blake Moynes and John Hersey
Katie Thurston, Blake Moynes and John Hersey

John and Katie

After news broke that Katie was dating John Hersey, whom she said was just her close friend, Blake went back on the show to give an update about how he’s feeling.

When he found out about John and Katie he was pretty much blindsided. He found out when the rest of the world did. He sounded heartbroken as he noted he’s trying to process it all.

Blake noted that he does not think Katie physically cheated on him. However, he does feel there had to be emotional cheating involved based on the timeline.

He’s hoping to put it all behind him and move on from his heartbreak.

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