Wait, What?! Kody Brown CANCELS Family Christmas?

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Is Kody Brown canceling Christmas this year?! Find out why, and see how his Sister Wives family reacts to his power move.

Sister Wives patriarch losing control over plural family?

Kody Brown and his four wives were once a cohesive family. However, Sister Wives viewers have watched the family slowly fracture over the last few seasons. One big issue is they all can’t decide whether to stay in Arizona or return to Utah. Christine Brown strongly wants to move back to Utah, but none of the other wives do.

In fact, now it seems that Season 16 shows the family focusing on finally building the Coyote Pass project, which would unite all the wives on the same property. Each wife would have their own home on the land.

Janelle Brown had already been living on the land, setting up an RV on the isolated property. Winter weather recently forced her to flee. But she plans to return to RV living after the cold weather passes, perhaps partly to oversee the massive project.

However, there will only be four plots of land – one for Kody Brown and each of his three remaining wives. Earlier this month, Christine Brown made the shocking announcement that she was ending their 25-year relationship and moving back to Utah.

Kody Brown threatens to CANCEL family Christmas

Season 16 was filmed before Christine Brown’s exit. Viewers will likely get insight into what ultimately caused her to throw in the towel. In the teaser trailers released by TLC so far, the tension is thick between Christine and Kody.

Credit: Kody Brown/YouTube
Credit: Kody Brown/YouTube

However, he also seems to be losing control of his other wives, as well. In a newly released trailer, Kody, Janelle, Meri, Robyn, and Christine discuss holiday plans.

The clip starts mid-conversation, so it’s unclear what prompted the discussion. Robyn Brown wonders if the family is “really going to make decisions about Christmas now.” Kody replies that he can’t tell his wives what to do, but he can decide what he’s going to do. 

And what’s he’s not going to do, apparently, is have any big family get-togethers. “For how long?” Janelle asks. “Through Christmas?”

Kody Brown claps back that he doesn’t know how long the virus will last. Both Janelle and Robyn seem shocked that Christmas could be canceled.

Depending on when the show was filmed, they could be discussing Christmas 2020 or Christmas 2021. Distractify guesses that filming for Season 16 began in September of 2020, which would mean the Browns were talking about last Christmas.

Robyn Brown feels ‘helpless’ amid family struggles

Whether the family gathers for Christmas or not is the least of Robyn’s concerns. She confesses to the cameras that the relationships in the family are suffering, including her relationship with Kody.

She further admits to feeling “helpless” to repair the family dynamic.

At the end of the clip, Kody says that everyone in the family “can do what they want to do” when it comes to the holidays.

Viewers will have to tune in to Season 16 to see how it all plays out. Sister Wives returns to TLC on Sunday, November 21.

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