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‘Below Deck’ Hannah Ferrier REFUSES To Speak To Captain Sandy Again

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The Below Deck franchise is known for its feuds. However, this one has gone on longer on land than at sea. Hannah Ferrier refuses to repair her broken relationship with Below Deck Mediterranean star Captain Sandy Yawn. The two worked together for several years, but Hannah hasn’t forgiven her for what happened during Season 5.

She was fired in the middle of the charter season. Sandy found out that the former chief stew had a prescription for unregistered Valium and a CBD pen in her cabin. Bosun Malia White sent her a picture of Hannah’s belongings, citing Maritime Law as the reason behind her motive. Sandy called Hannah to her office and fired her on the spot.

Below Deck star lost her job

Hannah Ferrier is embarrassed by the way things went down. She felt humiliated when Malia and Sandy exposed her unregistered medication on Below Deck Mediterranean. Hannah talked about her struggles with anxiety before. But she never shared how bad it was. Earlier in the season, she only shared that she was taking Advil for pain.

Hannah won’t forgive her former captain for what happened. Shortly after her firing, she traveled back to Australia, where she met her now-fiance Josh. The two had their first child together. In October 2020, Hannah gave birth to her daughter, Ava.

[Credit: YouTube]
[Credit: YouTube]
She tried to keep her pregnancy a secret from her fans. But she couldn’t contain her excitement and shared the news while Below Deck Med Season 5 aired on Bravo. She seems much happier to leave the yachting life behind. During the reunion, Hannah admitted that she should not have registered her medication with the bridge.

Yet, she doesn’t feel that she should’ve been fired for failing to do so. Sandy and Malia backed up their claims that Maritime Law was the reason for her controversial firing. Both Hannah and the fans think they’ve been trying to get her fired from day one. It’s no secret that she never got along with either of them.

Hannah Ferrier won’t speak to Captain Sandy

Her recent interview is making the rounds. Hannah Ferrier spoke to Jackie Gillies on the Shine it Up Podcast. She recalled the time went the captain reached out to her after her baby news broke. Sandy wanted to send Hannah a baby shower gift, but she refused.

“She reached out to me when I had the baby when I announced my pregnancy,” the Below Deck alum told Jackie. “She said, ‘Can I get your address to send the baby a present?’ I was like, ‘Lady, no.'”

Hannah shut her down. She didn’t like how she was portrayed as a drug addict when she only brought anti-anxiety medication on board the yacht. The Aussie explained that she vaped CBD to help her relax. It doesn’t contain the ingredient THC, which causes the “high” feeling that people feel.

[Credit: Hannah Ferrier/Instagram]
[Credit: Hannah Ferrier/Instagram]
Sandy was aware of Hannah’s struggle with anxiety. She even helped her get through a panic attack in Season 3. Sandy made it sound like she was smuggling drugs into the high seas. Hannah argued that the prescription was something she needed.

She described their work relationship as toxic. The two worked together for such a long time. But Hannah doesn’t have to worry about speaking to Sandy ever again since she’s not returning to Below Deck Mediterranean. She has since launched several businesses and is happy with her new life in Australia.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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