‘DWTS’ Alum Nev Schulman Rocks A Creepy Mustache

[Credit: Nev Schulman/Instagram]

Catfish star Nev Schulman rocked a new look on Instagram. Fans are usually attracted to him and his looks. But they were a little creeped out this time around. For the first time, he debuted his mustache for everyone to see.

On Wednesday, November 17, Nev posted two new photos of himself on Instagram. It looks like he was trying to pull a fast one on his fans. The first photo showed him with a mustache. But in the second photo, he didn’t have one at all. He rocked his usual scruffy appearance.

DWTS star creeps out fans with his mustache

Nev Schulman wears a black T-shirt with the phrase, “Wilderness makes you better” embroidered on it. In the first photo, he points at the camera as he shows off his new fuzz. Then, he smiles at the camera as he appears freshly shaven. In his caption, he made a joke about “No Shave November.”

stache or no stache? vote below ⬇️ #movember #menshealth,” Nev Schulman captioned his post.

The Dancing with the Stars alum asked fans whether he looks better with or without the mustache. They followed his lead and shared their thoughts in the comments section. Kimiko Glenn wrote, “no stache!” Most other fans agreed that they like Nev without his mustache.

[Credit: Nev Schulman/Instagram]
[Credit: Nev Schulman/Instagram]
However, there were some who found the mustache kind of hot. Even one wrote “stache” with the raising hands and fire emojis. Another fan asked Nev to shave his mustache and to “bring back the fully bearded look” instead. There were also suggestive comments about what he could do to women with his new mustache.

There was one fan who cracked a joke. She wrote that even if Nez were to shave it off, he would still “grow it back in like, 5 1/2 minutes, so either way, you’re good.” As fans know, Nev has a lot of body hair. He’s shown his chest hair on past episodes of Catfish: The TV Show.

Nev Schulman loves to rock his body hair

He is quite comfortable when it comes to his body hair. When Nev Schulman appeared on DWTS, fans couldn’t stop raving about his hairy chest. Even judge Derek Hough said, “By the beard of Zeus, that’s a lot of chest hair!” Of course, he had to focus on Nev’s performance rather than his body hair.

Some viewers loved watching the dancing competition just for Nev’s chest hair alone. They think that it was a performance in itself. Even host Tyra Banks admitted that she wanted to touch his chest hair. There’s even a Facebook fan page called “Nev Schulman’s Chest Hair,” which has over 680 followers.

[Credit: Nev Schulman/Instagram]
[Credit: Nev Schulman/Instagram]
But that page hasn’t been updated in years. Nowadays, fans can see Nev’s chest hair in his selfies on Instagram. Yet, some suggest that he should take up manscaping. According to Nev’s wife, Laura Perlongo, the television star is “perfect.”

What are your thoughts on Nev’s mustache? Do you think he should’ve kept it? Sound off below in the comments.

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