Micah Plath Does Dreadlocks In A Different Way

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Welcome to Plathville star Micah Plath found a unique way to wear dreadlocks. Fans are debating whether they dig the new look or not. The reality star moved from Georgia to Los Angeles. Most fans are happy for him and his new life, however, some fear that it may not be the best place for him.

Micah is the second eldest son in the Plath family. The 20-year-old grew up in a large family that’s isolating at the same time. Their parents protected them from the mainstream lifestyle, but now some of the kids are embracing it. Read on to see Micah’s new dreads and what fans are saying about him.

Why do fans fear for Micah Plath?

TV Shows Ace previously reported that the TLC star is showing off his body while in Los Angeles. Micah Plath wants to take on his modeling career. He’s been filling up his social media account with shirtless photos. While most love the constant thirst traps, some think L.A. is changing him.

Some of the fans fear that Micah Plath will lose him in an area that has a large presence to drugs and other temptations? He’s often a goofy guy, but he has been posting serious photos and videos. That alone has them wondering if he’s changing already.

[Credit: Micah Plath/Instagram]
[Credit: Micah Plath/Instagram]
Following his big move to Los Angeles, many fans think he will be overwhelmed by city life. Remember, these kids grew up in a small town where they were sheltered. Some fans even took to Micah’s Instagram posts to warn him about the people in California. They don’t want him to easily trust the people on the west coast.

They also fear that his modeling agency will take advantage of him. Like many other young and aspiring models, he may end up doing shoots he doesn’t want to do. While some fans are excited to see Micah’s new life in a new area, they worry that he could get easily influenced by the people there.

Welcome to Plathville star rocks dreadlocks differently

Micah Plath is already back to his silly self. On Sunday, November 14, the television personality took to Instagram to post a series of photos and clips from his trip to the beach. He found a clever way to rock dreadlocks without the commitment. He playfully wore sea kelp on his head.

Kelp dreads🤙🏽,” Micah Plath captioned the post.

[Credit: Micah Plath/Instagram]
[Credit: Micah Plath/Instagram]
Fans couldn’t decide whether they loved the look or hated it. Moriah Jasper Plath wrote, “Sorry, I have to say… ewwww 🙃 but you either remind me of Maui or Jack Sparrow😅.”

One fan wrote, “Big NO NO,” while another added, “Locs babe…LOCS.” A third added that they like the “Island boy vibes.” One admitted that they “don’t hate it” as another said, “You’re hot. Stay kind, please!”

What are your thoughts on Micah’s new take on dreadlocks? Do you think he’s changed since moving to Los Angeles? Or, do you think he’s still that goofy boy? Sound off below in the comments.

Welcome to Plathville is currently on hiatus.

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  1. November14 was Sunday not Saturday. I think it is great that Micah is exploring new ways of life. I only wish the best to him.

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