Wait, WHAT? Did Lisa Barlow Out Jen Shah’s Affair On ‘RHOSLC’?!

Jen Shah and Lisa Barlow/YouTube

Is Jen Shah cheating on Coach?! That’s what RHOSLC fans are wondering after Lisa Barlow seemed to imply her co-star was having an affair. Keep reading for all the details of the shocking moment you may have missed.

Jen Shah’s arrest unfolds on RHOSLC

In March of 2021, RHOSLC star Jen Shah was arrested on serious charges including money laundering and wire fraud, perĀ PeopleĀ magazine. Along with her assistant Stuart Smith, Shah allegedly bilked elderly people via a telemarketing scheme. Bravo cameras happened to be filming Season 2 of the reality show when the arrest went down.

Credit: Jen Shah/YouTube
Credit: Jen Shah/YouTube

The last few episodes of RHOSLC are must-see TV, according to fans of the show. Some are even calling for Emmy nominations for the epic editing job.

Stars Jen Shah, Lisa Barlow, Heather Gay, Jennie Nguyen, and Whitney Rose were getting ready to head to Vail, Colorado. Meredith Brooks and Mary Cosby were to meet them there. However, before the bus could depart, Jen Shah received a mysterious phone call.

She then told the ladies that she had to leave because her husband, Sharrieff Shah Sr., was in the hospital with “internal bleeding.”

However, less than 15 minutes later, the FBI, Homeland Security, and the NYPD descended on the van, looking for Jen Shah. The events played out in real-time, with the ladies not knowing what was happening. It wasn’t until hours later, during the trip to Vail that Whitney saw the news of Shah’s arrest.

Bravo cameras didn’t catch the actual arrest. But they did get their hands on Ring camera footage of the police enacting a search warrant on her home.

Many news outlets present when Jen Shah was released from jail pending trial.

Co-stars debate ‘inconsistencies’ in lavish lifestyle

The news of Shah’s alleged crimes came as a shock to her co-stars. But not really. Several of the ladies commented in the van afterward that they always found her lavish lifestyle odd.

However, none of the ladies were as unfazed as Meredith Marks. In fact, she was relaxing in a tub when the women showed up for their Vail getaway.

Over dinner that night, Marks recounted a story about one of Jen Shah’s friends getting a five-finger discount at Meredith’s Park City store. She alleged that Shah’s associate took a “snakeskin clutch” without paying for it. Once confronted via phone by the store manager, the pricey purse was returned the next day.

Meredith Marks provided Bravo with the security cam footage of the alleged theft.

Did Lisa Barlow out Jen Shah’s affair?!

Once all the ladies – minus Jen Shah – were in Vail, they couldn’t help but talk about it. After Meredith Marks shared her story of alleged theft, Heather Gay recounted her own strange tale about Jen Shah. Following to get-together a few nights prior to the arrest, Heather ordered an Uber to take Jen home. However, when she went to the app to check the progress of the trip, she learned something odd.

The Uber had dropped Jen Shah off at an intersection instead of her home. At that point, Lisa Barlow chimed in for more details – what day and time did this happen? Heather Gay revealed it was around 11:30 at night.

Lisa’s interest didn’t escape Whitney, who asked Barlow if something happened that night. Lisa replied, “No, not to me.”

Credit: Lisa Barlow/YouTube
Credit: Lisa Barlow/YouTube

After more pressing from the ladies, Lisa Barlow said, “I don’t know what happened that night, but I just wanted to check with somebody and see if they met up with her.”

“You think she’s meeting up with another guy?” Jennie spoke up and asked. Lisa Barlow remained silent, causing Whitney Rose to call her out.

“None of us are safe unless we know the facts. We have all been lied to. We’ve all been attacked. If we do not share what we know, we’re in danger” – Whitney Rose to Lisa Barlow, RHOSLC

Lisa began to cry as the episode ended. Was she trying to keep Jen Shah’s alleged affair a secret? Tune in Sunday, November 21, to see if she spills all on the next episode of RHOSLC?

Do you think Jen Shah was having an affair? Share your thoughts in the comments below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for all the latest reality show news.

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