Melora Hardin Dishes On The Pressure To Bring Home The Mirrorball Trophy

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Dancing With The Stars Season 30 is almost over. The semifinals air on Monday night and four couples will advance to the season finale on November 22. By the end of the night on the 22nd, we’ll have a new Mirrorball Trophy champion. Everyone hopes to have a shot at the trophy, but The Office star Melora Hardin is really feeling the heat.

Everyone wants to bring home the Mirrorball Trophy — does Melora Hardin have a shot?

Melora Hardin and her partner Artem Chigvintsev are doing remarkably well this season. They earned the first 10s of the season and consistently perform well week after week. Artem is the current reigning champion, so they definitely have a great shot of winning this year. Melora admits that coming this far on DWTS is giving her a lot of pressure to win — but not for the reasons you might think.

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“[T]he real pressure is that his beautiful baby son who is 14 months accidentally broke his Mirrorball trophy! So I feel an enormous amount of pressure to get him another one to replace the broken one!” the actress told Heavy.

Artem shares a son with WWE superstar Nikki Bella. Nikki posted on Instagram that little Matteo accidentally broke his dad’s Mirrorball Trophy earlier this season.

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Melora’s many fans hope she will be able to secure a victory this season — and not just so Artem can have a replacement trophy. It’s hard not to admire the actress for showcasing her skills on the dance floor and coming so far.

There has been some drama in the rehearsal room

Would it really be Dancing With The Stars without a little bit of drama? During the Janet Jackson Night episode, viewers saw things really heating up in the rehearsal room. Melora and Artem were definitely at each other’s throats and it seemed like their routine would never come together.

Kaitlyn Bristowe visited the ballroom this past week and admitted she had some pretty intense flashbacks from watching Melora argue with Artem onscreen. The Russian dancer is incredibly talented, but many partners say he can be tough at times.

However, Artem and Melora managed to pull off a great Paso Doble to “If” and even received a perfect score from the judges. At the end of the day, they managed to put their differences aside and execute their routine flawlessly.

“I mean, you really get, like, into a relationship with people and you butt heads sometimes,” Kaitlyn told Us Weekly after the episode. She added that Artem is such a professional and at the end of the day it all worked in their favor.

Melora feels the same way.

“Artem is fantastic. We have a similar work ethic, we both love to work hard, diligently, and focused. I really like him as a person, he’s very warm, very present and he’s an excellent teacher,” she told Heavy. “It’s been amazing. … Yes, it’s been challenging from a physical and a mental perspective of learning something new. And I expected that. I didn’t expect the emotional challenge.”

Don’t forget to tune into the semifinals this Monday night! Melora and Artem need your votes to advance!

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