Proof Erika Jayne Used Money Meant For Victims, Claims Law Firm

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It’s not looking good for Erika Jayne. A law firm alleges there’s proof Erika Jayne received the money meant for the victims. Also, a trustee replaced attorney Ronald Richards and encourages Edelson PC to go after The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star. The class action law firm is working to prove that she received the settlement funds meant for the families and victims of the Lion Air crash.

They accuse Erika and her strange husband Thomas Girardi of embezzling the funds. On Tuesday, November 9, the law firm filed the court documents in Los Angeles.  The trustee alleges there’s proof that she received the money.

Trustee allows the law firm to go after Erika Jayne

Erika Jayne claims her innocence to this day. The Pretty Mess author says she never knew anything about her ex-husband’s wrongdoings. The alleged proof shows she received the funds. Still, there are questions as to whether she knew where that money came from.

“Far from foreclosing the possibility that Erika received settlement money from the Lion Air cases, [the records] showed the opposite: Money that belonged to the surviving widows and orphans of the victims of that plane crash had, in fact, been used to make payments for Erika or her companies,” they wrote in their brief, as quoted by Reuters.

Credit: YouTube/Bravo
Credit: YouTube/Bravo

Erika Jayne’s attorney, Evan Borges, fired back at the claims. He wrote an email statement declaring there’s no proof.

“I’ve never seen any evidence to support the allegation that Lion Air settlement money received by Girardi Keese was sent by GK to my client,” he wrote. “And the trustee ‘never has alleged that Erika received Lion Air settlement money. I don’t know what Edelson is referring to, and he has conveniently redacted or blacked out his alleged references in his brief to supposed evidence.”

Attorney Ronald Richards drops out of the legal case

This comes as trustee Elissa Miller replaced Ronald Richards with Larry Gabriel from Jenkins, Mulligan & Gabriel. It’s unclear why the trustee made this decision. The trustee “eliminated” Ronald from his position, according to Jay Edelson. He even accused him of threatening his law firm so the trustee could reach an agreement with Erika Jayne.

Ronald claims he has no idea what Jay is talking about. Jay says the trustee allows the law firm to go after her legally.

“Two things happened right after @RonaldRichards was fired,” he tweeted. “The Trustee has withdrawn her opposition to us moving forward against Erika. Second, the Trustee has agreed to let our reply be made public. This means the public can see what we found.”

As for Erika Jayne, she’s currently filming Season 12 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She wants the focus on her dating life than the legal drama. However, producers want to keep the cameras rolling as the latest developments unfold.

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