‘RHOC’: Heather Dubrow Accuses Noella Bergener Of Giving Her Teen Daughter Adult Material

Credit: YouTube/Bravo

The RHOC Season 16 teaser trailer has been released and it reveals what has been rumored all along! Season 16 is going to be one of the wildest seasons yet! The trailer starts off revealing that returning housewife Heather Dubrow does not agree with newcomer Noella Bergener’s taste in gifts, especially when it comes to her teenage daughter.

During the trailer, Heather can be seen facing off with Noella during a dinner party taking place on a beach in Cabo. Dubrow as a matter of factly states to Bergener that she did not want to invite her due to the fact that she gave her teenage daughter inappropriate adult material as a gift! Bergener clearly looks very nervous about Heather calling her out in front of the women.

Credit: YouTube/Bravo
Credit: YouTube/Bravo

Heather Dubrow Returns To OC

The video does not clearly reveal which of Heather’s daughters she is referencing. However, according to The Sun, it is believed to be Dubrow’s 17-year-old daughter Max. Noella was seen in a previous scene approaching the teen with a very bold greeting saying,” Are you, Max? Hi Max! I’m bisexual too!”

Noella Bergener Makes A Big Mistake With Heather Dubrow

In 2020, per Bravo, it was revealed that Terry and Heather’s daughter Max announced that she was bisexual on Instagram writing “I always knew I was bi. I just thought it was bipolar.”

Both Heather and Terry have always shown all of their children nothing but complete love and support, Max is one of four of the Dubrow children which also include Max’s twin brother, Nick, and two younger sisters, Collette and Katrina.

Credit: Heather Dubrow/Instagram
Credit: Heather Dubrow/Instagram

As previously revealed Heather’s return following her four-season absence is stirring up quite a bit of controversy especially when it comes to the “OC OG,” Shannon Beador. Shannon is staking her claim as head OC wife and is taking any and all measures to do so. However, Heather is onto her games early on and goes to wives Gina and Emily telling them that Shannon has come to say that Emily and Gina are not to be trusted.

The two soon confront Shannon. Emily tells Shannon, “I thought we were friends, Shannon.” Gina adds, ” I feel bad for you.”

Shannon Beador And Heather At Odds

Beador is back to her old tricks of stirring up controversy amongst the women. However, it appears as if it is Heather with who she is having the most issues so far. The two women have reportedly come face to face on a few occasions so far. The most recent was revealed during filming in Colorado. As previously reported, a huge argument allegedly broke out between Shannon and Heather during dinner in Aspen.

Credit: YouTube/Bravo
Credit: YouTube/Bravo

Sources claim to have heard arguing and glass breaking coming from the RHOC’s dinner table. Next, the women were seen exiting the establishment, taking their verbal confrontation into the back alley behind the restaurant.

The confrontation all went down as Bravo was filming. So, fans will get to see Shannon Beador and Heather Dubrow’s catfight during the season. It is all adding up to make for one explosive season when the Real Housewives of The OC returns To Bravo on December 1.

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