Tori Roloff DRAGGED For Lackluster Reaction To Audrey’s New Baby

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Tori Roloff was one of the first members of the LPBW family to react to the birth of Audrey and Jeremy’s baby boy. But, Little People, Big World fans aren’t too happy with the way the TLC star responded to the birth announcement. In fact, Tori is being dragged by fans for her very lackluster reaction that didn’t seem very supportive or sisterly.

What did Tori Roloff say — or not say — in response to the birth announcement that has ruffled the feathers of fans so much? Keep reading, we’ll explain.

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff give birth to beautiful baby boy

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff took to Instagram tonight to announce they had given birth. They welcomed a beautiful baby boy into the world. And, they decided to name him Radley Knight Roloff. As we previously reported, the Roloff family was quick to react to the news. But, some fans were not happy with what Tori had to say.

Audrey Roloff Instagram
Audrey Roloff Instagram

LPBW fans slam Tori Roloff’s lackluster reaction to birth announcement

Tori Roloff penned a simple “congrats” in response to the birth of Audrey and Jeremy’s baby. Her comment was liked over 100 times. But, some fans were not happy with her. In fact, one fans dragged her lackluster comment for lacking sisterly support.

The upset fan penned: “you’re sisters and yet this is the saddest ‘congratulations’ ever.”

The comment above was liked nearly a dozen times suggesting this was NOT the only fan who felt this way.

Audrey Roloff Instagram
Audrey Roloff Instagram

Other fans were quick to defend Tori Roloff

Not everyone, however, felt as though Tori Roloff was out of line. Some fans were quick to defend her. One individual noted the individual was reading way too much into a single word. This fan noted that next the individual was likely to take issue with how many exclamation points Tori used.

Other fans pointed out that this was just Instagram. This was just a small window into the lives of this family. And, no one knows how Tori Roloff reacted in person or what she said. Some fans noted Tori left a simple congrats just to stop people from criticizing her for saying nothing at all in response to the birth.

Tori Roloff Instagram
Tori Roloff Instagram

Either way, there were a lot of fans who did not think Tori’s comment was lackluster.

Little People, Big World fans know learning Audrey and Isabel were pregnant could not have been easy for Tori Roloff. She was supposed to be pregnant with her sister-in-laws. Sadly, Tori Roloff miscarried. Isabel and Audrey Roloff actually caught a fairly decent amount of heat for sharing so much of their pregnancy because fans thought it was insensitive to Tori. Audrey didn’t respond much to the backlash. Isabel, however, noted that this was her first pregnancy and she should be allowed to enjoy it without feeling guilty.

Are you surprised some LPBW fans took issue with the way Tori Roloff reacted to Audrey’s birth announcement? Do you think it was difficult for Tori to be supportive of this birth and pregnancy? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on this TLC family.

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