‘Sister Wives’ Season 16 Premiere ALREADY Has Fans Fuming

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The Sister Wives Season 16 Premiere is nearly here and Kody Brown’s family has been hard at work hyping up the new season. Christine Brown recently announced she and Kody had split. She kept her Instagram comments turned off and mostly avoided answering any questions on the split. Sister Wives fans assume the announcement was just to hype things up for Season 16. But, they also assume her NDA contract with TLC likely prevents her from discussing any of the more juicy details surrounding their breakup.

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Sister Wives Season 16 trailer promises a dramatic season

The Sister Wives Season 16 trailer promised a pretty dramatic season for fans. Given how boring the last few seasons of the series have been, fans are looking forward to a little drama. Many fans have admitted they are looking forward to the Season 16 Premiere of Sister Wives.

Per Screen Rant, however, not everyone is looking forward to new episodes of Sister Wives. In fact, some people are already fuming at the Season 16 Premiere and it doesn’t even air until the end of the month.

Why are fans so upset about something that hasn’t even happened yet? Keep reading, we’ll explain.

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Season 16 Premiere promises an underwhelming first episode

Everything we know about Sister Wives Season 16 suggests this is going to be a very explosive chapter in the series. This is the season that one of his wives finally leaves him. This is a moment fans have been waiting for for a very long time. That being said, the synopsis of the first episode is leaving fans pretty underwhelmed. In fact, frustrated fans are already fuming as the Season 16 Premiere details feel like it’ll be a pretty boring first episode. And, they think that is going to spin off into the entire season being pretty boring too.

“After rejecting Christine’s idea of moving back to Utah… Kody says he now wants his own lot on the property, and the family discusses the possibility of spending the holidays apart.” The synopsis of the Season 16 Premiere reads.

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According to Screen Rant, chatter on Reddit notes it is a bit of a bore that Season 16 is picking up right where Season 15 left off. Some drag the show as being “slow.” Others admit they fear Season 16 will just be more of Kody and his wives complaining about all the same things.

The Sister Wives Season 16 Premiere airs on November 21. Are you looking forward to the new season? Or, are you feeling just as underwhelmed as the fans on Reddit?

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