Audrey & Jeremy Roloff Baby #3: Fans Believe She’s Given Birth

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LPBW fans believe Audrey and Jeremy Roloff have given birth to baby #3. What has Little People, Big World fans so convinced Audrey Roloff has already given birth? Keep reading, we’ll explain.

What was her due date?

Audrey Roloff took to Instagram two days ago to celebrate her due date. “Happy baby due date,” she very pregnant soon-to-be mother-of-three declared on her Instagram Stories. Audrey Roloff also penned a very beautiful post on her Instagram profile about her due date. She made it clear she was soaking up every last moment with Bode and Ember before she and Jeremy Roloff welcomed baby #3.

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“Welp, I have officially made it to my due date with all three babies,” she penned in her Instagram post as she reminded her followers that she’s had full pregnancies with every birth. Audrey admits that she and Jeremy Roloff thought baby #3 might make his/her way into the world a little early. But, that isn’t the way it worked out.

I know you’re nice and cozy in there baby, but we are all ready to cozy up with you on the outside whenever you’re ready.”

Fans suspect Audrey Roloff has given birth to baby #3

In chatter on Reddit and in Facebook groups, fans believe Jeremy and Audrey Roloff have already welcomed baby #3 into the world. LPBW fans took notice of the fact that Audrey and Jeremy have both been silent on Instagram for the past two days.

This is unusual as the excited and very pregnant mother was posting baby bump updates nearly every day. Fans take the silence on Instagram as a pretty sure sign they have given birth to baby #3.

audrey roloff instagram

Will Audrey and Jeremy Roloff share baby #3 with us?

Fans know Isabel and Jacob Roloff announced they would not post photos of their baby on social media. Audrey and Jeremy, however, have never really said if they would or wouldn’t post photos. Most fans suspect they will sell their birth story to a tabloid for some quick and easy cash while Audrey recovers from childbirth. Audrey and Jeremy also very heavily post photos of their other children and always have. So, fans have no reason to believe they won’t get to see the baby when he/she is born.

Do you think Audrey and Jeremy Roloff disappeared from social media because they have welcomed baby #3 into the world? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on the Roloff family.

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