‘Dexter: New Blood’ Premiere Spoilers: Does Dexter Morgan Kill Again?

Dexter New Blood

Dexter: New Blood Premiere spoilers ahead as we discuss whether Dexter Morgan kills again. As we previously reported, Showtime offers their subscribers the opportunity to stream new episodes just after midnight on the day they are scheduled to air. So, the new episode of Dexter: New Blood has been available to watch for a few hours now. If you haven’t had a chance to watch the Dexter: New Blood Premiere, be warned this article contains spoilers.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Dexter: New Blood Premiere: What To Expect

The Dexter revival returns to Showtime today. The series picks up with Dexter Morgan continuing to live his life after faking his death when the series ended back in 2013. Dexter has changed his identity and now goes by the name Jim Lindsay. According to TV Insider, this name is a tribute to the author of the books the series was adapted from.

The Dexter: New Blood Premiere kicks off with Jim Lindsay (Dexter) living a pretty normal and low-key life. He decided to set up roots in a town called Iron Lake, New York.

Under his new persona, Dexter Morgan works at a bait-and-tackle shop. He seems to have silenced his “dark passenger.” Jennifer Carpenter does return as Dexter’s dead sister to haunt him. She’s in one of the very first scenes in the premiere and pops up pretty frequently in the first episode. She serves as the conscious of her brother. By the end of the episode, however, he announces he is done listening to his sister.

Dexter New Blood
Jennifer Carpenter as Deb in DEXTER: NEW BLOOD, “Cold Snap”. Photo Credit: Seacia Pavao/SHOWTIME.

While he doesn’t make an appearance in the premiere, we know John Lithgow is also slated to return to his role as the Trinity Killer. Because he is also deceased, we assume he will be haunting Dexter the same way his sister is. During the Premiere, we also meet Jack Alcott who stepped into the role of Dexter’s teenage son, Harrison.

Harrison tracks his father down. Dexter initially sends his son away at the advice of his sister. He, however, realizes that is a mistake and asks him to return.

Revival Spoilers: Does Dexter Morgan Kill Again?

Dexter Morgan seems to be a changed man as the first episode of Dexter: New Blood progresses. As the episode progresses, we learn he has a beautiful girlfriend who happens to be a cop. He seems friendly with just about everyone in the town he resides in. And, he’s living a relatively normal and simple life.

Toward the end of the episode, Dexter Morgan snaps when someone shoots and kills a white buck in the woods. Dexter, himself, had gotten close to the white buck and was interacting with it. But, someone else shot it down while it was distracted. This was the moment Dexter snapped and took the individual out.

Dexter New Blood
(L-R): Julia Jones as Angela and Michael C. Hall as Dexter in DEXTER: NEW BLOOD, ÒStorm of FuckÓ. Photo Credit: Seacia Pavao/SHOWTIME.

Dexter Morgan does stop himself from killing the man right there on the spot. He reminds himself that if he’s going to go back to his old ways, he’s going to follow his rules. The first of which includes not being stupid and getting caught. Dexter takes the man back home with him and sets up shop as he did ten years ago.

He spends several minutes struggling with his “dark passenger” while talking to the man about what he had done wrong and the people he had killed. Eventually, Dexter gives in to his “dark passenger.” Relief instantly washes over him. It was shortly after giving in that he realized he didn’t want to listen to his sister. So, he chased after his son.

Dexter New Blood
Jack Alcott as Harrison in DEXTER: NEW BLOOD, “Cold Snap”. Photo Credit: Seacia Pavao/SHOWTIME.

Is seeing Dexter Morgan kill again something you wanted from the revival? Share your thoughts on these Dexter New Blood spoilers in the comments down below.

[Feature Image: Seacia Pavao/SHOWTIME]

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