‘RHONY’ Fans Are Calling For Ramona Singer’s Firing Again — Here’s Why

[Credit: Ramona Singer/Instagram]

Ramona Singer sparked backlash once again. RHONY fans are calling for her firing for about the second time. She already caused controversy during Season 13 of the Bravo series. They blamed her for the way the show turned out.

It was rumored that Ramona was the one who refused to film the reunion with her co-stars. Now, newbie Eboni K. Williams is to blame. Bravo issued an internal investigation into the show to see if the accusations of racism were found true. Eboni was one of the people who claimed that Ramona contributed to the ongoing racism on the show.

RHONY fans want her fired

Once again, viewers are not happy with Ramona Singer. They’re calling for her firing. This comes amid the backlash she received amid Season 13 of The Real Housewives of New York. Ramona has already been criticized for the way she’s treated the hospitality industry on the show.

She admitted that she could never remember the name of “the help.” This especially caused concern among Eboni, who found Ramona’s comments offensive. Some fans even called for her firing long before that. They demanded a more diverse season, which Bravo followed up with, but they never listened to the outcries concerning the original cast member.

ramona singer instagram
[Credit: Ramona Singer/Instagram]
Ramona tweeted a comment that outraged fans once again. Some have a feeling that she will eventually delete the tweet. Others think that she won’t see a problem with it and will keep it up. Since she made the controversial comment, fans warned that she will probably be next to get fired.

RHONY is currently on hiatus. Bravo producers hit pause on production since the last season didn’t do so well. Also, the ladies couldn’t agree on a day and time to film the reunion show. Now, fans are wondering about the future of the once-popular series.

What did Ramona Singer say?

Ramona Singer made another controversial comment. She supported a video on Twitter that asked for everyone to “resist the tyranny implemented in the name of COVID.” This comes just days after Eboni filed a complaint against the controversial reality. Ramona publicly supported a tweet from Robert F. Kennedy, who compared the COVID-19 vaccine mandate to the Nazi regime.

[Credit: Ramona Singer/Instagram]
[Credit: Ramona Singer/Instagram]
Author Melissa Tate shared the video of Robert speaking out against the vaccine on Twitter. Ramona tweeted, “So true.” It didn’t take long for RHONY fans to notice her tweet. Some of them suggested that she should delete the tweet unless she wants to be fired from the show.

  • “Girl you’re getting fired.”
  • “Cancel Ramona.”
  • “This is the kind of s*** that cost you a reunion, Ramona.”
  • “Wish it cost her her job…”
  • “If Ramona is not gone after this, it’s goodbye RHONY for me. UNACCEPTABLE!”

What are your thoughts? Do you think Ramona will get in trouble for this tweet? Sound off below in the comments. The Real Housewives of New York is on an indefinite hiatus.

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