Brock Davies Makes Shocking Admission From His Past

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Brock Davies continues to share more about his troubled past. On Tuesday night’s episode of Vanderpump Rules, the Aussie made a shocking revelation. It could be the reason why he hasn’t seen his two children in years. Brock’s past has become the main storyline for Season 9.

Scheana Shay’s fiance first brought it up to Lala Kent, who grew concerned about her friend. However, the way she has handled it hasn’t won fans over. They wonder if the model is desperate to take the attention away from her relationship with her then-fiance Randall Emmett. They don’t understand why she’s interested in Scheana’s life.

Brock Davies hasn’t seen his children in two years

On a previous episode of VPR, Brock Davies revealed to Lala and Randall that he hasn’t seen his children in two years. Brock and Scheana met up with the couple to have a play date with their little babies. That’s when the personal trainer admitted that he hasn’t seen his two children, which he shares from a previous relationship.

Scheana Shay claimed that she knew everything about Brock’s past. He opened up to her about it and she seems to be okay with that. Still, Lala was concerned about Brock, especially with his history of domestic violence. She brought that up during Lisa Vanderpump’s tea party.

[Credit: YouTube]
[Credit: YouTube]
On the latest episode, Brock Davies made another admission. He seems to be open about his past. However, he still continues to get backlash for it. His latest revelation made Lala distraught and concerned about Scheana. Still, fans don’t understand why her co-star can’t bring up these serious issues with Scheana in private.

Brock gets frustrated as well. He wish that the Vanderpump Rules star would stop judging him. He made it clear that he doesn’t judge her relationship with her rich man. The new cast member wants to prove to everyone that he’s a changed man.

Scheana Shay’s fiance admits he “slapped” his ex-wife

Brock Davies brought up something from his past that he’s “not proud” about. This season is darker than seasons past. There have been discussions surrounding serious issues like abortion, alcoholism, and physical abuse. The former rugby player decided to open up about his past domestic violence charge.

“It’s more complicated than me kicking in the front door and seeing my kids. The situation between me and my ex was toxic, and yeah, there was an instance one time,” Brock Davies told Lisa Vanderpump. “And I did slap my partner. I did. I’m not proud of that.”

He also said that he’s not “proud” of his past. It all happened during an argument between the couple. Brock admitted that he “slapped” his former wife. They moved to France, where they found out they were expecting a girl. They were already “separated” after they welcomed their son.

[Credit: YouTube]
[Credit: YouTube]
“That led to an argument with me and her dad, and they pressed the domestic violence order on me,” Brock continued.

He went to court to appeal the charge, which was lifted. Brock admits to his “history,” but reassured the cast that he’s “learned” from his mistakes. Scheana stands by her man and feels that he has changed. She believes that he was “brutally honest” about his past when he joined the show.

What are your thoughts on Brock’s past? Are you concerned for Scheana? Do you think Lala should get involved? Sound off below in the comments.

Vanderpump Rules airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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