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Cheryl Burke Discusses Her Sobriety Journey After Queen Night Episode

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Cheryl Burke takes her sobriety incredibly seriously. And it really seems like competitive dance and Dancing With The Stars help her stay focused.

Cheryl Burke found some deeply personal, common ground with her partner this week

During the Queen Night episode, her partner Cody Rigsby shared an incredibly personal story. The pair performed the Foxtrot to “You’re My Best Friend.” He revealed he lost his best friend to addiction, which made their Queen Night performance really hit home. Cheryl also struggled in the past with addiction so she could really relate to Cody’s story.

“We literally take it one day at a time, one step at a time, but we have definitely bonded through all of our ups and downs as you guys have seen — from COVID and to being vulnerable and having these mental breakdowns, to be quite honest,” Cheryl shared with Us Weekly and other media outlets after the episode ended. “This is not easy, right? The grueling schedule is really hard. … Sometimes I feel really insecure. There’s moments of doubts that I have sometimes when it comes to my choreography and he’ll lift me up and there’ll be moments when he feels like he’s hit a wall and I’ll have to lift him up. So we’ve been very communicative in that space, and I think that really helps for sure.”

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“My journey of sobriety has really opened my eyes up and I am now clear-headed almost to a fault because now my thoughts are louder than ever,” two two-time Mirrorball Trophy winner continued. “That’s honestly the reason why I used to drink. So now … it’s kind of like I’m reliving the same experience but in a different way. I’m very present. I think that has brought up a lot of insecurities and having to deal with those issues — whether it be for the choreography or maybe it’s something that has triggered something from the past, who knows?”

Could this be the seasoned pro’s very last season?

Cheryl Burke has teased that her time on DWTS may be coming to an end. After she and Cody both contracted COVID-19 this year, she definitely has a lot less energy. Could Season 30 be her last?

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“You know as a dancer, especially as a woman, our career, it doesn’t last very long. The fact that I’m 37 and still sambaing out there and shimmying is pretty unheard of,” Cheryl shared on the Tamron Hall show. “I’m not in the competitive level anymore, but still, I also have to understand that I have arthritis in my body, you know? The pounding and pounding and pounding, [I’m] technically leading our sports players or whoever we’re dancing with, right?”

Cheryl Burke is a staple of Dancing With The Stars at this point. If she leaves, fans will definitely miss her. However, they all wish her well on whatever journey is ahead of her.

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