‘Big Daddy’ Trent Johnston Gives Amber His Tool, Enjoys The View

Trent Johnston Instagram

Referring to himself as “Big Daddy,” Trent Johnston took to Instagram to share his decision to give his wife Amber his tool. The 7 Little Johnstons star was kicked back and enjoying the view while his wife Amber did all of the work.

Big Daddy Trent Johnston gives Amber his tool

Big Daddy Trent Johnston explained that it has been four years coming, but they finally decided to put curtains up in the bedroom. He jested that he gave Amber his tool and let her do all of the work. Trent Johnston enjoyed the view as he snapped several photos of his very capable wife climbing the ladder as she worked hard to get the curtains up.

Trent Amber Johnston
team7ljs | Instagram

He penned in the caption: “Curtains in the bedroom after four years. Big Daddy loaned the tools and ladder. Mrs. Amber did the rest!”

Trent noted that he brought the tools and the ladder, but his wife did all of the work. The post included several photos as well as a short video.

In the video, he asked his wife if she needed any help. She scoffed at him before continuing to get the curtains set up. Trent Johnston continued to record as he watched his wife get the curtains up.

7 Little Johnstons Trent and Amber
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7 Little Johnstons fans think he’s enjoying the view

One 7 Little Johnstons fan jested they knew exactly what Trent was doing. They teased that he clearly was enjoying the view as he watched his wife climb up the ladder to get the curtains installed.

The follower teased: “haha you were there for the view we know it big daddy.” The silly comment included a peach emoji.

Other followers chimed in to agree Trent was clearly checking out his wife’s backside while she was doing all the hard work. A different fan joked it was obvious that Amber wanted the curtains up and Trent didn’t, so she decided to do it herself.

Trent Johnston Instagram
Trent Johnston Instagram

One more critical fan took issue with the couple putting curtains up at all. They noted the couple had beautiful blinds on their window and they didn’t need to put up curtains. Most, however, just appreciated seeing this fun look into their life.

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