‘RHOBH’ Fans Have Theories About Dorit Kemsley’s Burglary

[Credit: Dorit Kemsley/Instagram]

Dorit Kemsley underwent a scary ordeal. On Wednesday night, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star and her family returned home from London. Little did they know, there were masked men inside. They were robbed at gunpoint.

Early this morning, news broke that a second RHOBH star was robbed. This time, Dorit’s Encino home was broken into. This comes just hours after she bragged about her fashions and lavish lifestyle on the four-part reunion. She claimed that she purchases all of the items she wears on and off the show.

Is she returning to RHOBH Season 12?

Fans have theories about the horrifying event. Some think that Dorit Kemsley has been fired from the show since she’s been in London this whole time. Bravo producers wanted to resume filming on Season 12 as soon as possible. Filming already continued a month after the four-part reunion wrapped up.

They want to film as much of the Erika Jayne legal drama as possible. Most of the cast members could return. Fans have been calling for Dorit Kemsley’s firing after she lashed out at Garcelle Beauvais during part one of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 11 reunion. Some have a feeling that their wishes came true.

[Credit: Dorit Kemsley/Instagram]
[Credit: Dorit Kemsley/Instagram]
They believe that since she went to London with her family at the time of filming, she’s no longer a part of the Bravo series. Viewers have been calling for Dorit’s firing, especially as they noticed she didn’t have a storyline in Season 11. The BravoRealHousewives Reddit shared a clip from Dorit’s Instagram, which shows her walking with her husband, P.K., and their son, Jagger.

“RHOBH has begun filming and Dorit is in London with PK does this mean she’s out?” the caption read.

  • “It is, but I think she’ll be a friend of this season because she’s going to be splitting her time.”
  • “I wouldn’t get our hopes up yet. If it’s a couple more weeks and she isn’t back then I think it would mean more.”
  • “I hope Bravo knows that just because we wanted Dorit gone does not mean we want Teddi back.”
  • “Glad I’m not the only one heavily concerned about this.”

Despite the rumors, Dorit received a visit from some of her RHOBH friends. Kyle Richards, Erika Jayne, Lisa Rinna, and Teddi Mellencamp arrived at her house. However, it’s unclear whether production was following behind them. It also looks like Erika is still good friends with Dorit, even though she and her husband mocked her this past season.

Is Dorit Kemsley desperate to get a storyline?

Other RHOBH fans have their doubts about the home invasion. They claim that Dorit Kemsley is clamoring for a Season 12 storyline. Some of them don’t buy her story. They find the timing interesting since she bragged about her lifestyle and filming is in full swing.

“This is so made up, anything for attention on her end,” one Instagram user wrote. “No storyline in the show. And now this?” another added. “These women will do anything to stop Andy from firing them,” a third one commented.

What are your thoughts? Do your think Dorit Kemsley will return for another season? Share your thoughts below in the comments.

Part four of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion airs Wednesday, November 3 at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.

Chanel Adams


  1. Dorit Dorit. Please go away quietly with PK . I really feel sometimes I cannot stand to look and listen to her fake ass again. I do like rhobh but it needs refreshed. Garcelle and Sutton are the best, love them. I like to know why viewers or Andy hasn’t brought up the fact that koko Kathy did the same thing Sutton did she walked in on a naked Sutton. Also Kathy and Kyle are the best sister act going. They are not stupid as bravo wants people to think having Kathy act dumb while her and Kyle stab Sutton in the back. Keep garcelle and Sutton (they are great). Get rid of Kyle Kathy please please get rid of Lisa rinna can’t stand to look at her. Crystal ok as a filler. Erika well hopefully she’ll be in jail soon. Oh yeah Dorit fake robbery is too much. Maybe her and Erika can dress up in jail together yes!

  2. What a total fake robbery! Need a story line and some attention maybe? So very sad that this is al she has and feels desperate to become popular thru a tragedy. I wonder if Jussie Smollett helped her come up with this idea?! What a joke and I sincerely hope the cops get to the bottom of this and charge her and PK for insurance fraud and faking a crime.

  3. Some of you need to grow up and have some compassion. This wasn’t staged and it’s sad that you are so miserable in your own lives that you can’t have empathy for someone going through a potentially violent home robbery.

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