Whitney Way Thore Clashes With ‘A**hole’ Fan

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Whitney Way Thore clashes with a fan on Instagram. Find out what happened to make theĀ MBFFL star call them an ‘a**hole.’

MBFFL star shares pre-TV fun facts with followers

Whitney Way Thore is one of the reality stars most open with her fans. She often answers questions from her Instagram followers. Opening her DMs up to a question-and-answer session earlier this week, fans got some insight into Thore’s pre-TV life.

Things got a little TMI when a follower asked about the MBFFL star’s first time. However, Whitney Way Thore didn’t shy away from the nitty-gritty details of her first intimate encounter.

She also spilled the fate of her TLC show. Will My Big Fat Fab Life return for Season 10?

But things in her DMs also got tense when she butted heads with a follower. What happened?

Credit: Whitney Way Thore/Instagram
Credit: Whitney Way Thore/Instagram

Whitney Way Thore clashes with fan, calls them an ‘a**hole’

Not all of Thore’s Instagram followers asked polite questions. The TLC star has gotten into arguments with fans on her social media before. However, this particular fan seems to have touched a nerve with Whitney, resulting in her calling them an “a**hole.”

What happened? The follower asked if Whitney ever watches the show and regrets anything she says on camera. Furthermore, they let the reality star know that she comes off as “narcissistic.”

“TV is entertainment and you’re an a**hole,” Whitney retorted. Beneath the diss in a smaller font, she wrote that she has “zero f**s to give to strangers.”

Credit: Whitney Way Thore/Instagram
Credit: Whitney Way Thore/Instagram

TLC star admits she’s fed up with reality TV

Thore’s verbal assault on a viewer of her reality show has fans wondering if she’s okay. She’s received a lot of blowback over her mysterious French boyfriend who refuses to show his face on camera. Fans question how real the relationship is.

Is Whitney Way Thore fed up with her life being TV fodder? In another Instagram slide, she revealed that the show will be ending ‘sooner rather than later.’ It’s unclear what that means for the future of the TLC reality show.

Does it surprise you to see Whitney Way Thore clash with a fan? Did she go too far by calling the follower an ‘a**hole’? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Don’t miss the rest of Season 9 of MBFFL. New episodes are Tuesday nights on TLC. Check back with us at TV Shows Ace for updates on all your favorite reality shows.

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