Credit: Whitney Way Thore/Instagram

‘My Big Fat Fab Life’: Whitney Reflects On Her Skinny Days

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Whitney Way Thore looks back on her skinny days as prom princess. Stay on this page for all the details of the reality star’s life before it became My Big Fat Fab Life.

Whitney Way Thore wasn’t always living a Big Fat Fab Life

Whitney Way Thore’s weight is a huge part of her TLC show. It’s blasted right on the title of the show – My Big Fat Fab Life. The reality star has made it her mission to take back the word ‘fat’ and promote body positivity.

Credit: Whitney Way Thore/Instagram
Credit: Whitney Way Thore/Instagram

However, fans always ask her if she has struggled with her weight her whole life. During a recent question-and-answer session on her Instagram Stories, Thore addressed the topic once again.

When a follower asked if she was always overweight, the MBFFL star replied with a simple “No.”

She followed it up with photographic proof that she was once skinny.

Once a prom princess [PHOTO]

Another fan inquired if Whitney was popular in high school. “Yes,” she confirmed. The TLC star then backed it up by producing a high school photo.

In the photo, Whitney is younger, but still recognizable despite her thinner frame. She reveals on the photo that she was prom princess.

Wearing a hot pink dress, Thore smiles brightly, cuddled up to her prom date.

Credit: Whitney Way Thore/Instagram
Credit: Whitney Way Thore/Instagram

How did she gain so much weight?

On her TLC show, Whitney Way Thore has been extraordinary open about her weight. According to the MBFFL star, she gained over 200 pounds during her first year of college. She cites PCOS ( Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) as the reason for the huge weight gain.

In the years since, Thore’s weight has fluctuated. She showed off a 70-lb weight loss earlier this year. Fans speculated that the weight loss was to prepare for gastric bypass surgery.

In fact, she revealed during the current season (Season 9) that she considered the weight loss surgery after her devastating split from Chase Severino. However, at this point, there hasn’t been any confirmation that she went through with it.

Whitney Way Thore has become a spokesperson for body positivity, but she also encourages people to stay active. Her No BS Active workout program is so successful that Thore is launching an app on November 1st. Read more about that here.

Credit: Whitney Way Thore/Instagram
Credit: Whitney Way Thore/Instagram

Did you know that Whitney Way Thore used to be skinny? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Don’t miss the rest of the episodes in Season 9. During the fan q-and-a, Whitney dropped the news that her reality TV show will end “soon.”


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