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Farrah Abraham Reveals Why She Believes People Hate Her

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Teen Mom Farrah Abraham has been doing some serious thinking and believes she has come up with the reason why she believes people hate her. Over the years Farrah has faced and continues to face a lot of criticism over the way she chooses to live her life. She also catches a lot of heat for how she chooses to raise her daughter Sophia.

However, after giving her life choices a lot of thought she reveals the reason she believes she is so hated by so many. According to The Hollywood Gossip, Abraham claims people hate on her so much because “she is a SUCH cool mom.” As you may well expect, Farrah’s followers are having a field day with this.

Sophia Is Not Growing Up Too Fast, Claims Farrah Abraham

 Credit Farrah Abraham InstagramInstagram
Credit Farrah Abraham Instagram

Abraham is backing her claims of being a cool mom on Instagram with photos of 12-year-old Sophia’s latest new look. One photo of the tween reveals Sophia sporting bright red streaks throughout her dark hair while licking her lips. Fans claim Farrah is busy trying to look and act younger than she is, while Sophia is doing just the opposite.

One commenter writes “I can’t help but think that Farrah is encouraging Sophia to act/dress much older than she is. She is ONLY 12! The matching Halloween Costumes need to stop!”

Farrah describes Sophia’s Halloween costume look like that of an “E-Girl.” For those who do not know THG reveals that the concept of an e-girl is that she is ‘very online’, a very attractive female who is widely desired by primarily a male audience.

Fans do not agree with Sophia’s clothing choice. They feel that there is a much bigger issue with Farrah Abraham sharing the photos of her child and feeling okay about it.

As previously reported Abraham recently responded to being called a “bad mom” by sharing a cryptic quote about being a “F*****g Queen.” “You work hard, you’re responsible, you are educated, you manage your money, you are loyal, you have big plans and beautiful dreams” Abraham adds.

Credit Farrah Abraham Instagram
Farrah and Sophia Abraham Credit Farrah Abraham Instagram

Farrah Abraham Thinks She Has It All Together

It has been a long summer for Sophia and Farrah. The two have been under constant fire for several months. Over the summer Sophia traveled alongside her mom accompanying her to every all adult gathering attended by the MTV reality star and adult entertainer. Fans have stated for years that they fear that Farrah allowing her daughter to act like an adult is going to cause some major issues as Sophia heads into her teenage years.

Fans continue to plead with Farrah Abraham to please stop allowing Sophia to act like an adult. “Let her be a kid!” demands one angry commenter.

“Farrah is trying to steal Sophia’s youth. Just because you had a terrible childhood doesn’t mean you need to take Sophia’s from her!” exclaims another.

“It is not being a Cool mom, you are trying to keep your daughter from becoming her own person. You want her to be just like you and that is sad. Do you believe she will be your payoff when your 15 minutes come to an end?”

Life Is Good

Farrah Abraham - Instagram
Farrah Abraham – Instagram

On final fan plead reads, “Farrah, stop trying to be Sophia’s friend. She doesn’t need you as a pal, she needs a mother. End this ridiculousness now before it is too late.”

Despite the negative parenting comments Farrah Abraham continues to insist that Sophia is not growing up too fast, but is “experiencing an extraordinary childhood.”


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  1. Farrah is not worth the time or effort. She HACKED HERSELF with plastic surgery, fillers, etc. Won’t be at all surprised if her daughter ends up 15 & pregnant. GRAMMY FARRAH…

  2. I hated her on teen mom, she needs to learn RESPECT for others period!!!! I feel sorry for her daughter, cuz she has a mom that is so so disgusting!! Poor Sofia will end up just like her mom. That child would be better off with the fathers family!!!!

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