Wait, WHAT? Whitney Way Thore Leaving Reality TV Behind?!

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Whitney Way Thore is hinting that she is leaving reality TV. What does that mean for her TLC show MBFFL? Keep reading for all the details.

Are fans tiring of ‘fake’ drama on MBFFL?

Whitney Way Thore’s My Big Fat Fab Life has been a staple of TLC’s reality show lineup for years. The show is currently on Season 9. Will it make it to Season 10?

Fans of the show often complain about how scripted it is, even accusing the star of paying men to appear as her boyfriends. This season, she is pursuing a relationship with a man who doesn’t even live in the same country. She met her mysterious beau on a language app. What started as him tutoring her in French has blossomed into a relationship.

However, skeptical fans think ‘the Frenchman,’ as Thore calls him, is catfishing her. Viewers find it odd that he appears on the show with his face blurred. In fact, fans are so curious, they did a deep dive and think they’ve identified him.

Are fans tiring of the allegedly “fake” drama?

Credit; Whitney Way Thore/Instagram
Credit; Whitney Way Thore/Instagram

TLC star accused of taking stardom for granted

The MBFFL star recently opened up her Instagram DMs for a question-and-answer session. She told fans to ask her anything about her pre-TV life.

Several answers in, one follower got annoyed with Thore’s attitude toward reality television. They bluntly asked her why she “[takes] being on tv for granted?” “It’s opened so many doors for you…” they remind her.

Whitney Way Thore clapped back at the allegation, denying that she takes the opportunity for granted. In her view, she’s simply “realistic” about the upsides and downsides of fame. To her, it’s a “job with positives and negatives.”

Another follower asked Whitney which is harder – the initial fame or the “long term effects” of reality TV. In Thore’s experience, being a reality TV star was “exciting” at first. However, she confesses “it’s the long term effect that’s hard.”

Credit; Whitney Way Thore/Instagram
Credit; Whitney Way Thore/Instagram

Whitney Way Thore drops hints she’s leaving reality TV

As much as fans are tiring of the drama, it seems Whitney Way Thore is tiring of reality TV, as well. She’s lost patience with her followers several times lately, especially those calling her out for getting lip fillers.

Even her use of slang terms can cause fans to get upset with her.

During the q-and-a session, one follower wanted to know if being a TV star was a goal for Whitney. She said that, no, her passion was “theatre and dance.” It was through dance that made Thore a reality star in the first place.

After a video of her dancing went viral in 2014, talk shows and TLC came calling. It’s been “a long road,” she admitted. According to Whitney Way Thore, she has control over how long the show is on the air.

“Th[e] show will end when I’m ready for it [to end.]” – Whitney Way Thore, Instagram.

As for when that will be, the TLC star thinks “sooner rather than later.” In fact, when another follower asked when she will be done with reality TV, the MBFFL star simply replied, “soon.”

Credit; Whitney Way Thore/Instagram
Credit; Whitney Way Thore/Instagram

Do you think Whitney Way Thore is leaving reality TV soon? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Whitney is so immature. Yes she will leave because she can’t handle it when someone calls her out on her crap. That’s ok. Bye Whitney.

  2. I Love Watching My Big Fat Fabulous Life …. Why are fans so rude … It isn’t Whitney,s fault she is big as she is just big bored but why did she get that big in the first place …. At least she can do exercises better than lazy Buddy as he never wants to try and lose weight ….

    1. I agree. Why do you all judge people you insist on watching. If you don’t like the way the reality series is going, turn it off. Seriously. I don’t understand why people feel they have to give thier opinion on everything. My philosophy is, if you don’t ask, I won’t give it, but if you do i will be honest. I don’t feel the need to be validated by telling everyone my opinion. Let’s be nice. How about that? You do you Whitney. No one knows what its like to be judged by weight. I am not large at all, my Mom was. She was one of the most kind and generous people I know and I remember as a child people and their sarcastic hurtful remarks. Why? Merry Christmas and lets spread love. We all could use it.

    2. PCOS is nothing to scoff at. It has caused her weight gain and hindrance when trying to shed it. Do a little research before attempting to make someone feel bad about themselves. NOT that that is ok at all……EVER!!!

  3. I started watching MBFFL because Whitney was all about body shaming! Now SHE is changing her looks. Definitely a change from what she was representing at first!

  4. Whitney should get weight loss surgery and get on with it. She parades around like a body beautiful but in reality looks terrible. She can make all the excuses in her world and T V land but be serious get the fat off. She has all the resources to help her. I guess staying fat is her meal ticket !!

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