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TLC Celebrates Weddings With ‘Addicted To Marriage’-Meet The Cast

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Marriage is supposed to be a sacred commitment. So leave it to TLC to create a new series where the cast is Addicted To Marriage. The show, which premieres next month, revolves around four women who collectively have been married twenty times. Meet the ladies who are keeping their hearts open, no matter how many times it takes.

Meet Amy and Monette Of Addicted To Marriage

Credit: TLC
Credit: TLC

All the women on the show are happily in relationships, according to People. Yet, not all of the partners are necessarily ready for the “next step.” Amy has been married four times and admits she must be addicted to love. “I’ve got to be addicted to being in love — I keep getting married over and over again.” She is in a committed relationship with Geno. The two even have a baby together.

However, Amy has just gotten around to telling him she had four failed marriages. Now, with the truth on the table, she fears Geno may run for the hills. Will he be worthy of being husband number five or is Amy destined for another heartbreak? Next up is Monette who makes up most of the marriages in the series.

She has already been married eleven times. Her boyfriend, John loves her but is unsure if he wants to be husband number twelve. Furthermore, this has been a lot on her daughter. “It would be, like, there was an issue with one of my stepdads, and I’m like, ‘You don’t need to leave him for that reason, like, you just don’t.'”

Meet Kecia and Shae

Kecia is a New Jersey attorney, prepping for her fourth wedding. She wants it to be the most fabulous and does not care what her fiance, Ernst has to say. Unfortunately, her desire for it to be over the top may come at the expense of her relationship. Can the relationship survive this bridezilla?

Credit: TLC
Credit: TLC

Finally, Shae is keeping secrets from fiance number five. At just thirty years old, she has already been married twice and engaged four times. However, she wants to tell Joe the truth about her past before it is too late and she destroys everything. Furthermore, will she make it down the aisle with the third time being the charm?

This seems like an interesting concept as many people, men and women, say they are addicted to love. Shae even commented, “I think my addiction to love has become an addiction to marriage.” Find out who wears white once again when Addicted To Marriage premieres on November 16 on TLC.


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