‘Pump Rules’: Charli Burnett Reveals Weight Gain In Tiny Bikini

[Credit: Charli Burnett/Instagram]

Charli Burnett is sharing a rare side of herself. Usually, the Vanderpump Rules star is bubbly and witty on the show. However, she has an emotional backstory. The reality star has been open about her mental health struggles before.

Fans have been rooting for the underdog of the Bravo series. They think she is one of the best new cast members to join the SUR gang. The aspiring actress shared her 45-pound weight gain with the world. Charli revealed that she’s been struggling with depression lately.

The downside to fame

The SURver became the breakout star of Pump Rules Season 8. Fans fell in love with her candidness and snappy comebacks. Charli Burnett also has a story that most can relate to. She continues to be relatable on social media.

The Bravo star posted a series of before and after photos via Instagram. Like many, Charli gained weight during the coronavirus pandemic. The past year has been difficult for most people. Mental health issues are at an all-time high, and the same goes for the model.

Charli joined the reality show during Season 8. She became one of the fan favorites. Some compared her to the likes of Scheana Shay. Yet, there’s a downside that comes with fame. Recently, Charli took to Instagram to talk about the struggles she dealt with amid the ongoing pandemic.

[Credit: Charli Burnett/Instagram]
[Credit: Charli Burnett/Instagram]
“I’ve been so reluctant to post anything about my journey with the fears of being judged, rude comments, or still not accomplishing my goals in time,” Charli Burnett wrote. “But  my friends convinced me I should start being more vulnerable & myself on the Internet ( advice I get told allll the time lol) Here we go! [SIC]”

Charli revealed the before and after of her 45-pound weight gain. In her caption, she said that she “fell into a deep depression” and was “drinking every single day.” The former fitness model said she hit “rock bottom.” She wasn’t even sure if she would feel like herself until she started strength training.

Charli Burnett reveals her unhealthy relationship with food

Fans recall when she made the comment about not eating pasta because it makes you gain weight. Charli Burnett revealed that it stemmed from an unhealthy relationship with food, which started around childhood. She learned a lot about herself during this weight gain. Nowadays, she has a healthier relationship with herself and with food.

“I have a better relationship now with food more than ever, I’m confident with this new woman I am, and I really learned I can do anything I set my mf mind too. So can you!!!” Charli Burnett continued in her post. “This is a post to help motivate anyone who feels like they have no hope to keep going. Life sucks & it’s super unfair. But at the end of the day you have to show up for you and do the hard sh-t!”

[Credit: Charli Burnett/Instagram]
[Credit: Charli Burnett/Instagram]
She received praise from her fellow co-stars. James Kennedy left a clapping emoji while Brock Davies said she looked “soooo gooooood.” Scheana Shay wrote, “WOWWWW” with the fire emoji. Raquel Leviss wrote, “Damn Charli!!!!!!”

Even former Pump Rules star Danica Dow shared her support. Katie Maloney and Ariana Madix loved her transformation and story. Charli was overwhelmed by the support she received from her fellow co-stars and fans. Vanderpump Rules airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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