‘MBFFL’ Preview: Whitney Way Thore Drops The L-Bomb

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Whitney Way Thore drops the L-bomb in an emotional new MBFFL preview. Will her Frenchman reciprocate her feelings? Stay on this page for a sneak peek of the next episode of the TLC show.

Whitney Way Thore invites ‘the Frenchman’ on family vacation

On a previous episode of MBFFL, Whitney invites her French tutor-turned-suitor to join her on a family vacation in Maine. Romance sparked between Thore and her nameless and faceless French tutor.

While he appears on the show via video chat, his face is blurred out to keep his privacy.

Whitney, her family, and a few of her friends head to Maine to relax but the drama of whether the Frenchman will make it overshadows the trip.

MBFFL star breaks down over ruined plans

Whitney Way Thore’s long-time friend Heather has some doubts about the online romance. However, Whitney refuses to entertain any concerns her friends or family have.

When the MBFFL star previously brought up the idea of meeting, her beau seemed reluctant. Did he change his mind and join Whitney’s family vacation?

Whitney Way Thore/Instagram
Whitney Way Thore/Instagram


A preview shared by People magazine reveals the fate of Whitney and the Frenchman’s first meeting. Though he wanted to, he couldn’t get into the US to meet up with Whitney in Maine due to COVID travel restrictions.

A devastated Whitney breaks down about the turn of events.

“I feel like I’ve been through so much s— lately. I’m just like, why can’t I just have this? Just to meet him? Don’t I deserve to have it, just at least for a second?” – Whitney Way Thore, MBFFL.

Even though the Frenchman never made it to Maine, his attempt to do so won over the previously skeptical Heather. In the preview, she tells the cameras how “romantic” it is that Thore’s mysterious French love interest tried so hard to get there.

Is it serious? Whitney Way Thore drops the L-bomb

While in her feelings over the botched meet-up, Thore makes a shocking revelation. She opens up about just how deep her feelings go for her long-distance suitor. Despite never meeting in person, Whitney Way Thore drops the L-bomb about the reclusive man.

“I love him — I really think that I love him,” she confides to the cameras. The admission seems to even take her by surprise.

Will Whitney Way Thore drop the L-bomb to her Frenchman when they chat on the phone? Fans will have to tune in to see if she confesses her love to him directly.

My Big Fat Fab Life airs Tuesdays on TLC.

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