JoJo Siwa Puts On A Terrifying Halloween Performance With A Perfect Score

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Did you manage to catch JoJo Siwa and Jenna Johnson’s Halloween routine on Dancing With The Stars? We’re still shaking!

During Horror Night, the women paid homage to a Stephen King classic, IT. And their hard work paid off! JoJo and Jenna managed to absolutely terrify the audience and judges — and pull off yet another perfect score!

DWTS transforms sweet JoJo Siwa into a terrifying monster

JoJo Siwa is known for her sweet demeanor around the rehearsal room. But this week, she was anything but. The DWTS hair and makeup team did a spectacular job of turning the kind 18-year-old into a killer clown.

This week, JoJo and Jenna had a jazz routine to “Anything Goes” by District 78 ft. Patrice Covington. JoJo masqueraded as Pennywise the clown while Jenna dressed as Georgie, who meets an unfortunate end at the beginning of IT.

One thing that set this routine apart from the rest was the acrobatics and dancing tricks. The judges praised the technical skills in their critiques. If you recall, JoJo got her big break on Dance Moms. It’s been years since she appeared on the show, but it’s obvious she never lost the talent or forgot her training.

Dancing With The Stars/Instagram

Jenna’s brilliant choreography definitely made the routine, but the DWTS hair and makeup team did a phenomenal job too. JoJo was an incredibly convincing Pennywise.

At the end of the routine, she even pretended to gnaw on a fake bloody arm. If you’ve seen IT, then you definitely get this gory reference.

Dancing With The Stars/Instagram

There was a lot of fun in the rehearsal room this week on Dancing With The Stars

The Halloween routine was a lot of fun, but JoJo and Jenna definitely had their share of shenanigans in the rehearsal room too. One day this week, JoJo showed up to rehearsal danced as her dance partner.

“It’s almost Halloween…. So today I decided to dress up as @jennajohnson 🤩 made sure I hit every detail from HEAD to TOE!!! Literally colored my hair and painted my toes🤣 definitely was worth it!!! We are PREPARED and EXCITED for this Monday,” the former Dance Moms star posted on Instagram.

There’s still quite a bit of fun left on Dancing With The Stars Horror Night! As we head into the final hour of the performance, Derek Hough will take the stage at some point.

We’ll also unfortunately see one couple go home. The competition is especially fierce on Dancing With The Stars Season 30, so it will be really sad to say goodbye to anyone.

Let us know what you think of the episode so far! We’re really interested to see what you think.

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