Is Janelle Brown Joining Christine In Dumping Kody & Ditching Flagstaff?

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Janelle Brown has Sister Wives fans scratching their heads as she prepares to ditch her RV lifestyle for the winter season. This bodes one very big question: Where the heck is she going to live? Janelle Brown doesn’t have a home to move into when she ditches the RV.

One theory fans proposes was that Janelle might move in with Robyn and Kody. But, Kody and Robyn have a perfect, functional marriage. And, fans don’t believe Robyn actually wants to live the plural lifestyle. Fans think Robyn wants Kody all to herself. So, she might not be open to one of his other wives staying with them — even temporarily.

Janelle and Christine Brown have become close lately

As we previously reported, Janelle and Christine Brown have been spending a lot of time together. Christine joined Janelle on the new weight loss product she is currently taking. Janelle and Christine also recently went on a road trip and vacation together.

Janelle Brown and Christine Brown via YouTube
Janelle Brown and Christine Brown via YouTube

Ditching Kody and living together?

Both Janelle and Christine Brown appear frustrated with Kody Brown in the Sister Wives Season 16 trailer. Both seem to be at their wit’s end and ready to walk away from the family. Combine that with the fact that Janelle and Christine have been spending tons of time together… And, fans wonder if they might both be planning to ditch Kody.

According to Entertainment Chronicle, one theory that surfaced on Reddit is that Janelle might move in with Christine. Fans know Christine bought a very expensive duplex in Utah. Theories have been swirling for a while that Christine had planned on moving back to Utah to be closer to her older children.

Sister Wives - Meri - Christine - Kody - Janelle - Robyn - Youtube
Sister Wives – Meri – Christine – Kody – Janelle – Robyn – Youtube

There is more than enough room in the duplex she purchased for Janelle. And, the two have been spending tons of time together. So, it is a theory that makes sense.

Christine and Janelle Brown might not be moving or leaving

There is also the possibility Janelle and Christine Brown have no plans to move or dump Kody. There has also been a theory that the entire drama is just to stir up a bunch of attention before the show airs. After all, the show does show tension between Janelle and Kody. Yet, fans know Kody has been spending time with her at the RV on the land. Fans know there is about a six-month time gap between what happened on the show and what is happening in real life. So, comparing what is happening on social media to what happened in the show doesn’t really work because of the time gap.

Sister Wives stars Christine & Janelle Brown take the kids to Universal Studios
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As we previously reported, there are some people who don’t even think Christine Brown really plans to move away. They just think the drama was created to draw more attention to the show for the new season.

Do you think Janelle Brown might dump Kody and run to Utah with Christine? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.


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