Erika Jayne Scared She Revealed Too Much About Money?

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Erika Jayne can’t go without that RHOBH money. As TV Shows Ace previously reported, she’s set to return for Season 12 of the series. Bravo wants to resume production as quickly as possible amid her ongoing legal case. Erika has been accused of using embezzled funds for her lavish lifestyle.

She used to be open about her finances on the show. Nowadays, Erika is kind of tight-lipped about everything. She mumbles everytime she shares details with her fellow co-stars. The Pretty Mess author is feeling regret oversharing too much about her money matters. However, the show is all she has to fall back on.

Erika Jayne is having second thoughts

At this point, the television personality has no choice but to stay on the reality series. It’s the reason why she stuck it out during Season 11, even as she was interrogated by some of her cast members. She even attended the four-part reunion, which was emotionally and mentally exhausting. According to a report, Erika is “worried about her words coming back to haunt her,” but she still “needs” that income.

As a result, the Chicago star in between a rock and a hard place. An insider told Us Weekly that she “is afraid that she may have said something to hurt her case” on Season 11 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She also needs the income to support her new lifestyle amid Tom Girardi’s embezzlement case.

[Credit: Bravo/Instagram]
[Credit: Bravo/Instagram]
“Erika is nervous that her own words will be used against her in court, her talking about anything related to money and how much she knew about Tom’s [alleged] shady dealings,” the insider told Us Weekly. “Erika’s lawyers instructed her to say as little as possible, but that wasn’t realistic for Erika because she’s filming a reality show about her life, she knew she had to open up.”

The 51-year-old star has been the center of attention this season. Her cast learned about the aftermath of her divorce to her estranged husband. The couple is accused of stealing the money intended for his clients. Erika claims she’s guilty and didn’t know about his finances.

RHOBH is her only source of income

However, Erika Jayne has no choice. Part one of the reunion aired on Wednesday, October 13. She told host Andy Cohen that this show is her only income. Erika has lost many endorsements and opportunities amid the ongoing embezzlement case.

Her personal accounts are frozen as lawyers investigate its origins. The insider told Us Weekly that Erika is concerned about her finances. She needs the show as much as it needs her. But she’s also worried that the things she revealed will affect her career.

[Credit: Erika Jayne/Instagram]
[Credit: Erika Jayne/Instagram]
“Erika is worried about her finances, she doesn’t have access to large sums of money anymore, and her main income is RHOBH, which is far less than she’s used to having,” the insider continued. “Erika is worried about her words coming back to haunt her, but she has no choice, since she needs the income from the show.”

The “XXPEN$IVE” singer reportedly made $600,000 for appearing on Season 11. She will “demand a higher paycheck” for the next season. Erika is aware that ratings were sky high because of her. It’s given her a confidence boost.

Part two of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion Season 11 airs Wednesday, October 20 at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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