Amber Portwood Reveals Relationship Status With Her Daughter Leah


Teen Mom Og star Amber Portwood reveals her relationship status with her tween daughter Leah. Amber claims she has made some big changes in her life and will continue to keep doing so. However, things are not quite where she wants things to be just yet, especially when it comes to her relationship with her daughter.

Amber is making some progress with her ex- Gary Shirley and his wife. They are attempting to get on the same page when it comes to their co-parenting relationship. One thing is clear, they all have Leah’s best interests in mind. They are setting boundaries and making baby steps, according to Too Fab.

Amber Portwood Wants Her Family Back

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The one thing Portwood claims is most important to her now is spending more time with both Leah and James. She really wants to see her children build a strong brother/sister relationship. However, at this time Leah is seemingly hesitant to spend time with Amber. The mother and daughter have a lot of painful issues to work out between themselves.

Leah has abandonment issues pertaining to Portwood’s time spent in prison and rehab. She also feels as if Amber has been neglecting her over the years for her relationships with men. Gary is trying to smooth out the situation between Portwood and Leah. He keeps reminding Amber to remain patient and keep a positive attitude.

Amber Portwood feels even though she is continuing to make changes in her life, Gary may not fully understand that she is not the same person she was all those years ago. Gary claims that it is going to take time. Even though he and Amber have come to friendly terms, it doesn’t mean that Leah will forgive as easily.

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Leah Doesn’t Trust Amber At The Moment

Shirley wants a healthy relationship for Amber and Leah, however, he is not going to force the issue at this time. He feels Amber still has a lot of work to do before Leah will feel comfortable and begin trusting her. Amber claims she understands Gary’s hesitation, but, he also needs to understand her place as Leah’s mother.

Amber claims she is determined to gain Leah’s love and trust. She knows it is going to take time and she is willing to keep putting forth all of the efforts it takes to reach her relationship goals. “She will eventually come around. It is a waiting game for Leah to accept some things. In the meantime, I have come to terms with the fact that right now she doesn’t necessarily like me right now.”

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As for Leah’s claims that Amber chose men over her. Well, Amber states that this is not at all true. “I care about Leah, I care about James. They’re the only thing I care about.”

Teen Mom OG airs Tuesdays on MTV.

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