‘Below Deck Med’: Malia White Claps Back At Captain Sandy’s Cameo Video

[Credit: Malia White/Instagram]

Below Deck Med Malia White confirmed her hot new romance with Jake Baker. The crew reunited for the reunion special, which aired on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. During the episode, host Andy Cohen asked each of the crew members about their relationship status. Instead of asking Malia if she’s single, he outright asked if she’s dating “the hot Jake the Engineer.”

The crew roared in applause. Malia smiled and confirmed that they’re dating. Later on in the reunion, she revealed that they didn’t start dating until they left the superyacht. Jake Baker was an engineer on the same yacht. He worked behind the scenes.

Malia White addresses Captain Sandy Yawn’s Cameo controversy

Last year, Captain Sandy Yawn made headlines for her controversial Cameo video, which went viral on social media. She claimed that Malia White is “secretly gay.” She got backlash from Below Deck Med fans, who slammed her for “outing” the bosun. Malia even took to Instagram to address the speculation over her sexuality.

During the reunion, she couldn’t wait to get her digs in at Sandy. When she talked about her new boyfriend, she added, “Surprise, I’m not a lesbian!” In her Cameo video, Sandy claimed that “everybody in production” knew about Malia’s sexuality. According to her, they all shared the same “opinion” about her liking women.

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On a Monday, October 18 reunion, Sandy claimed her video was “edited and taken out of context.” She also said they addressed the controversy before working together again on the boat. Malia said she “doesn’t really care if people think I’m a lesbian or if I’m straight. I’ll have fun either way.”

Shortly after the controversy swept social media, Sandy took to her Instagram Stories to issue an apology. At the time, she claimed the video was “sliced to make it into something it was not.” Earlier this month, she claimed that the video “wasn’t meant for the public.” In fact, it was made by fan request.

Below Deck Med star “swings both ways”

Earlier in this season of Below Deck Mediterranean, Malia White opened up about her sexuality. Deckhand Lloyd Spencer came out to his crew members, in which he was met with nothing but love. Malia White said that she “swings both ways,” especially during her college days. She’s gotten hate for who she’s dated, but she doesn’t care.

Below Deck Med fans know a lot about Malia’s dating history. She’s dated crew members on the show. She also locked lips with former chief stew Hannah Ferrier before their feud. In the reunion, Malia shared how their relationship developed. Apparently,  he followed her to Split, where the crew stayed after the charter season ended.

[Credit: Malia White/Instagram]
[Credit: Malia White/Instagram]
“Jake’s super introverted so I didn’t really talk to him until, like, the end of the season,” Malia White said. “He was very behind the scenes.”

Andy asked Sandy how she felt about the new relationship. She said that it’s only “Malia’s business and Jake’s” and that it’s “none of my business.” They’re grownups who can do whatever they want. Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6 is available to stream on Peacock.

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