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Emma & Amber Johnston Drop BOMBSHELL: ‘The Secret Is OUT’

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Emma and Amber Johnston dropped a BOMBSHELL on their Instagram Stories last night as they declared the secret is finally OUT. What bombshell? What secret? Truthfully, it has been a pretty wild ride for fans of 7 Little Johnstons since TLC released the first trailer teaser for the new season. Fans got to learn a lot about what to expect from the upcoming season. This included something that shook everyone to their core.

Amber and Trent Johnston propose the idea of adoption

While sitting down for a meal with Emma and Alex, Amber and Trent Johnston ask what the kids think about expanding the family. Turns out, they have an interest in adoption. Neither Emma nor Alex seemed too thrilled about the idea of getting another sibling.

7 Little Johnstons Instagram
7 Little Johnstons Instagram

Amber and Trent’s older children also didn’t seem to be pretty warm to the idea. Liz even admitted to Emma she was glad she was out of the house if their parents were preparing to do something that crazy.

Were they adopting an older child?

The trailer teaser also featured a clip of Amber and Trent sitting down to meet a young man via video call. Naturally, 7 Little Johnstons fans assumed this young man was who they might be adopting. Fans were a bit surprised as they weren’t expecting an older child. This child looked to be about the same age as Emma and Alex.

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Unfortunately, the trailer revealed no additional information. So, fans really had no idea who this kid was or why the family had a video chat with him.

Amber and Emma Johnston drop bombshell, secret is out

Amber and Emma Johnston dropped a bombshell featuring the truth on their Instagram Stories yesterday. Both showed photos of themselves with this mystery child. The photos included variations of captions revealing the secret was OUT. Emma went into significantly more detail than her mother.

7 Little Johnstons Instagram
7 Little Johnstons Instagram

According to Emma Johnston, they did not adopt a child. Turns out, this young man was a foreign exchange student from Finland. He was staying with the Johnstons in the U.S. to work on his English.

Emma Johnston explained it was just “something cool” her family was doing right now. Unfortunately, it is looking more and more like Amber and Trent Johnston will NOT be adopting another child in the near future. Are you disappointed?

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