‘RHOBH’: Camille Grammer Shares Her Two Cents On Season 11 Reunion Drama

Camille Grammer Instagram

What would a Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion be without the input of former housewife Camille Grammer? 

RHOBH‘s fans know when it comes to reunions, they can expect a lot of drama and pot-stirring, especially from the former cast members who love to share their two cents along the way. One former Bravo alum, in particular, Camille Grammer, loves to call it as she sees it and has wasted no time telling her fans she was not the least bit happy with what she witnessed during Wednesday night’s reunion.

First off, Camille believes that all of the ladies’ seem fearful’ of Erika Jayne. This is also why Grammer and her social media followers feel that the ladies went hard after Garcelle, according to Reality Blurb.

Camille Grammer Instagram
Camille Grammer Instagram

Camille Grammer Tells It Like It Is

“Because they are too afraid to go after Erika. She must have dirt on them or something,” the person wrote. “They do seem fearful of Erika,” Camille claims.

During her time on the reality series, Grammer certainly encountered her fair share of drama with the other women. However, many fans also believe that Camille is missing being in on all of the action. They think it is why she so seems to enjoy stirring up trouble from a distance. Grammer has no issues stirring the Erika Jayne drama pot when building the speculation over who first began spreading the rumors of Tom and Erika’s financial troubles.

Erika Jayne Instagram
Erika Jayne Instagram

Without actually naming names, Grammer coyly reveals, A west coast HW. A so-called “good friend’ of hers.” All eyes immediately turned to Kyle Richards and Lisa Rinna.

According to Andy Cohen, it was a pretty quiet reunion so far for Erika, who will be on the hot seat next week. So, fans are gearing up to get all the dirty details that Cohen claims Jayne will reveal about her legal issues and her marriage to Tom Girardi.

 Dirty Secrets Revealed By Camille

It, however, was Garcelle Beauvais that took the biggest hits in part one. After that, Dorit Kemsley, and Lisa Rinna went into full-on attack mode.

Fans feel that Dorit and Lisa were grasping at straws, looking for any and every tiny thing to kick up the drama during their lackluster season. 

“Lisa can not stand when the focus is off of her,” claims one fan. “She will jump into any confrontation, whether it concerns her or not, for camera time.”

Andy Cohen Instagram
Andy Cohen Instagram

“Rinna can’t stand it that her attempt to use Amelia Gray and Scott Disick for drama this season fell through. She needs to face the music, no matter what she is ‘owning,’ she has been a real snooze-fest for the past few seasons.”

Hopefully, the drama will pick up during next week’s RHOBH Reunion segment. We are sure Grammer will have a lot to say then also!

What are your thoughts on Camille’s comments? The RHOBH Season 11 Reunion Part 2 airs Wednesday on Bravo.

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