Jenelle Evans Reveals She Is Dealing With A Lot Of Pain

Jenelle Evans Instagram

Jenelle Evans is having a hard time these days. The former Teen Mom 2 star reveals she is currently dealing with a lot of mental and physical pain. Evans took to social media to reveal the heartbreaking moment she endured when she faced CPS officers during her custody battle with her mom Barbara Evans over her son Jace.

Jenelle posts that CPS told her at the time that she had two choices. One, she could sign Jace over to the care of her mother, or two, they would take him and place him in foster care. With a thinking emoji, Jenelle then asks on Instagram, “Was I convinced and threatened to sign, or did I really want to?

Jenelle Evans Instagram

Jenelle Evans Slammed By Followers For Acting So Hurt

Evans’ followers wasted no time commenting on the 29-year-old mother of three’s post, and most were not kind.

“Jace being raised by her mom was prob the best thing to happen to that kid. A bit of stability,” writes one.

“Giiiirl Jace is damn near a teenager.. I’m sure Barb would rather have enjoyed her golden years than to raise a child from day 1 all over again. You should be thanking her for even being fit enough so that Jace didn’t automatically go to foster care,” claims another.

A third writes, “Oh please, Jenelle has been an unfit parent since day 1. Thank God Jace had Barbara. Barbara has done her best taking on and raising her grandson. Jenelle should be thanking her mother for doing what she didn’t want to.”

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Teen Mom 2 fans who have been following Jenelle Evans’ story over the years have grown accustomed to Jenelle’s social media attention grabbers. 

Was and is Jace better off with Barb? At the time being it is hard to tell. As previously reported by TV Shows Ace Jenelle claims she hasn’t spoken to her mom in several months.

“When your mom says ‘don’t talk to me,'” Jenelle writes over the video. “So we haven’t talked in months…” 

Evans reveals that she and Barb are not in agreement regarding Jace, so they will be settling things in court. Jenelle claims that things between Barb and Jace are not working out any longer.

Jenelle Evans - Barb Evans Instagram
Jenelle Evans – Barb Evans Instagram


Things Are Not Good For Jenelle And Barb

Jenelle claims Barb is having trouble keeping Jace under control these days. She adds that she fears for Jace’s safety in the care of his grandma. In addition, Jenelle feels Barb cannot handle Jace and his behavior becoming ‘out of control’ and ‘physically aggressive.”

Jenelle Evans screenshots

As far as Jenelle Evans’ health is concerned, Jenelle claims she is heading back to her doctor to take care of cysts in her sinus cavities. While no one wishes illness on anyone followers appear to be having a tough time believing Jenelle is as ill or sad as she lets on according to The Sun.

The former reality star has been sharing posts fr quite a while now concerning her failing health. One post reveals she is unable to work, the next reveals her dancing around on TikTok while drinking with her kids. 

So it is understood why some are casting criticisms and doubt Jenelle Evans’ way. What are your thoughts? Do you buy Jenelle is ill and sad over her current situation, or is she grabbing attention?

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