‘MAFS’ Jamie Otis Rushes Son To ER, What Happened?

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Married at First Sight alum Jamie Otis shared with fans her terrifying experience when she had to rush baby Hendrix to the emergency room. It’s never easy for parents when something is wrong with their children. Jamie has also had another scary experience lately when her nephew was rushed to the ER with alleged abuse at daycare. So, now, she’s in the emergency room with her own child. What is going on?

Jamie Otis rushes son to ER, what happened?

Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner rushed their son Hendrix to the emergency room Tuesday night. He was suffering from a very high fever they couldn’t get to subside. Jamie went to Instagram to share their story. She said, “We ended up in the ER w Hendrix boy last night.🥺 His temp was 104.7 & I didn’t feel comfortable just giving Motrin and going to sleep.⁣”

Jamie continued her story saying, “He’s had it for a few days & it’s only been increasing. He’s also been super lethargic.⁣ A few nights ago I picked him up out of his crib to find him limp.⁣ His eyes were kinda rolled to the back of his head, he was staring into space & moaning non-stop😳⁣.”

When that happened his temp was 103.9. Jamie shared they called her inlaws and were going to take him then. However, he snapped out of it and they decided to wait. She noted it was his behavior that scared them more than the temp.

She went on to say, “Last night we made the decision to take him to the ER when he was lethargic & his temp reached 104.7.⁣”

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What did the doctor say?⁣

Jamie shared what the doctor said regarding Hendrix’s odd behavior. She said, “Anyway, the ER doc said that the night where his eyes were staring off & his behavior scared the bejesus out of us it was likely the aftermath of a seizure. He thinks it was a febrile seizure. He said kiddos have them often but they usually go undetected.⁣”

The MAFS alum went on to say that Hendrix has “RSV, an ear infection, and the rhino virus⁣😭.”

Jamie is snuggling her son and talking RV life

Doug and Jamie decided recently to sell their home and live in an RV. They have been taking fans on their journey as they pick out the right one to live in. Jamie shared they think they have it narrowed down to two.

What do you think about Jamie and Doug selling everything and living in an RV?

Stay tuned for more updates.


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