‘Dancing With The Stars’ Fans Are Angry After Bizarre Elimination

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Wow, what a shocking night! The Dancing With The Stars Villains Night episode had quite a few people talking on social media. And not everyone was pleased.

When the episode began, fans knew that a double elimination would take place at the end of the episode. And while most viewers correctly guessed that Brian Austin Green and Sharna Burgess would leave the DWTS competition, most didn’t guess that Matt James and Lindsay Arnold would also leave.

The issue is that many fans don’t agree with how the elimination process played out.

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Dancing With The Stars fans think the elimination process was unfair during Villains Night

At the end of Villains Night, Tyra Banks announced the safe couples that would return for Grease Night on October 18. That left three couples in the bottom. Brian Austin Green and Sharna Burgess, Matt James and Lindsay Arnold, and Kenya Moore and Brandon Armstrong all anxiously awaited their fate.

Brian and Sharna had the lowest point total, so they left first. That left the judges to make a choice between the remaining two couples.

Bruno Tonioli and Carrie Ann Inaba both opted to save Matt and Lindsay. Derek Hough chose to save Kenya Moore. Last season, that would have meant Matt and Lindsay were safe. But this year there are four judges.

Len Goodman ultimately chose to save Kenya and Brandon. That would leave the judges evenly split. However, Len said he was the tiebreaker vote. This left many fans confused and upset.

At the end of the day, Len Goodman is the head judge. Based on this episode, it seems like his vote apparently counts for more. Either way, the internet exploded with unhappy fans after the elimination last night.

Many fans feel the judges are extra critical this year

Dancing With The Stars viewers weren’t pleased that Matt James and Lindsay Arnold left the show. Many also felt that Brian Austin Green and Sharna Burgess deserved to stay, but they were less surprised about that elimination.

For weeks, the four judges chastized the real-life couple about their PDA in the ballroom. On Monday, Len Goodman even had some pretty harsh criticism for the pair.

“Forget ‘Someday My Prince Will Come,’ I never thought the waltz was going to come! There was so much kissing and cuddling and messing about then you did a little bit of waltz,” the 77-year-old criticized the couple on Heroes Night.

Sharna defended her romance with Brian in the past and stated that it wasn’t just a showmance. But either way, it seems like the judges just really had enough of the two.

Do you feel that last night’s eliminations were fair? Who would you choose to send home instead? We want to hear what you think. Let us know in the comments and keep watching Dancing With The Stars!


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  1. I would have sent home Kenny and Brandon in other seasons Matt and Lindsay would have stayed two judges saved Matt and Lindsay And why did Len have to break a tie dose not make any sense and why did Len choose Olivia and not melenie c and Gleb. Melenie c should have been save two judges save her but Len had to break a tie really and why is Len giving a. 10 to the old lady morila give me a break the old lady on the top of the leaderboard never happened in other season why this one and dose Olivia keep getting saved she needs to go I feel like not watching this show no more this season you sent home two of my favorites and they should still be there you should bring Matt and Lindsay back and Gleb and melenie c for a dance competition to see who stays and goes and then maybe I will start watching again

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