The First ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Season 30 Contestant Earns A 10

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Tonight we saw the DWTS contestants wrap up Disney Week with a fun Villains Night. And now we’ve finally seen the first 10 on Dancing With The Stars Season 30!

Even though many fans feel like the judges have been really harsh this year, the first contestant earned a perfect mark from judge Len Goodman. But who was it?

Dancing With The Stars Season 30 features a lot of talented performers

Len Goodman is pretty well-known for being the tough judge. And that’s why many DWTS fans were so surprised when he was the first judge to hand out a perfect score.

However, he really felt that one couple was very worthy. Reigning champion Artem Chigvintsev and The Office star Melora Hardin received the first 10 of Dancing With The Stars Season 30!

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The DWTS official Instagram page gave the duo a shoutout.

“A 10 FROM LEN??!!! Congrats to @meloradhardin and @theartemc on their amazing Jazz. 😍,” the account wrote.

Len is particularly known for his harsh criticism, especially this year. Last week, he infamously sniped at Sharna Burgess and Brian Austin Green to tell him their choreography had too much PDA.

“Forget ‘Someday My Prince Will Come,’ I never thought the waltz was going to come! There was so much kissing and cuddling and messing about then you did a little bit of waltz,” the 77-year-old judge complained.

Many fans are surprised he had such kind words for Melora and Artem’s Villains Night routine. But they aren’t necessarily surprised Melora and Artem were the first ones to receive a 10.

Judges raved over their Jungle Book routine during Heroes Night last night and even gave them the highest score of the evening. The pair are rising through the ranks and closing in quickly on their competition.

Melora Hardin brought something special to her Villains Night performance

Tonight’s episode wasn’t just another dance routine for The Office star Melora Hardin. She actually sang the song she performed to!

“For my villain on night two I will be singing the song I am dancing to,” Melora told HELLO!, “so that will be super fun.”

Tonight, she and Artem performed to “Mother Knows Best” from the Disney hit, Tangled. Melora dressed up as Mother Gothel during the routine.

“She is hilarious and horribly narcissistic and wicked, and I get such a kick out of playing her,” she continued. “It’s a whole new level of respect.”

Dancing With The Stars Season 30 is shaping up to be one of the best seasons yet. It definitely won’t be long now until we see a completely perfect 40. Who do you think will be the first to get this score? Let us know what you think in the comments. We’re always happy to hear from you.

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