Melora Hardin Teases ‘Twist’ For ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Disney Week

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Are you excited about Dancing With The Stars Disney Week? The fun all begins tonight at 8 PM only on ABC. And contestant Melora Hardin has a really fun surprise in store for viewers. What could it possibly be?

This week, Dancing With The Stars will have two episodes. Monday night is Heroes Night and Tuesday will be Villains Night. That means Melora and her partner Artem Chigvintsev will have two spectacular routines to share with you all. Are you excited?

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Melora Hardin is a woman of many talents and can’t wait to showcase her abilities

Most DWTS viewers probably recognize Melora Hardin from her role as Jan Levinson from The Office. But this is one amazing actress who has a lot of talent and experience under her belt!

Melora is also a singer and performed on Broadway during her career. And that’s why her Villains Night performance will be to a song she pre-recorded herself.

“For my villain on night two I will be singing the song I am dancing to,” The Office alum told HELLO!, “so that will be super fun.”

Melora and Artem plan to perform a fun jazz routine to “Mother Knows Best” from the Disney hit, Tangled. If you haven’t had a chance to see this great film, “Mother Knows Best” is sung by the show’s villain, Mother Gothel.

“She is hilarious and horribly narcissistic and wicked, and I get such a kick out of playing her,” Melora continued. “It’s a whole new level of respect.”

So what can we expect from the Heroes Night episode?

You’ll have to wait until tomorrow to catch the Tangled routine, but there’s some good news — you can tune in tonight and catch Melora and Artem’s Heroes Night performance! So what exactly can we expect from the two?

Tonight, Artem and Melora will perform a quickstep to “I Wan’na Be Like You” from The Jungle Book. She plans to honor her husband with this routine.

“I am doing something from The Jungle Book, which reminds me of my husband and is a fun honoring of him, and all the great things about him,” she tells HELLO! 

Hopefully, the pair will continue to score high marks. They’ve done pretty well in the competition so far and Melora credits Artem with getting them this far.

Melora Hardin/Instagram

“I could not have asked for a better match for me,” she told the publication. “I like him as a person and he is a wonderful teacher, he is very committed – we never sit down in our rehearsals, we are just using every minute of the time we have and we both want to just grow and improve.”

Don’t miss a section of the action! Dancing With The Stars Disney Night will premiere tonight on ABC. You really won’t want to miss out!

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