John Wells Suggests ‘Shameless’ & ‘Squid Game’ Crossover: Who Wins?

Shameless - Squid Game - Youtube

Showrunner John Wells made an interesting proposal on Instagram over the weekend — Shameless and Squid Game crossover.

John Wells proposes Shameless and Squid Game cross over

John Wells shared a screenshot of a post that appeared to be created by someone else. It featured a snapshot of the Shameless cast alongside a promo of Netflix’s Squid Game. The Shameless cast snap was an older cast photo as it featured Fiona in the photo. The text above the picture called for a debate.

Shameless- youtube
Shameless- youtube

If the Shameless cast all played the Squid Game, who would win?

The question was followed with a thinking emoji. John Wells must’ve found the post interesting because he shared it on his Instagram. And, he included the caption “crossover alert.”

Unsurprisingly, fans of Shameless were quick to share their thoughts on how a Shameless and Squid Game crossover would shake out.

Squid game Netflix
Squid Game Netflix

Who did fans think would win in this crossover?

Turns out, a member of the Shameless cast actually got in on the conversation. Dennis Cockrum, who played the role of Terry, noted that he thought Terry would win. He, however, recognizes his answer was biased. Being a Milkovich, Terry knew how to play dirty. So, there is a chance he could get pretty far. But, Terry also had pretty bad luck. Fans were quick to chime into the comments with who they thought would win.

Some jested that Frank was a contender. He wouldn’t be good at the games. But, he would find a way to cheat. That and a combination of flukes would allow him to make it to the end. Here’s what fans thought about this Shameless and Squid Game crossover:

  • “Frank. He would manipulate everyone including the staff.”
  • “Definitely Frank or Debbie. The rest have soft spots.”
  • “My money’s on Liam!!!”
  • “Ian, Mickey or Lip. And Frank would play but secretly he’s running the whole thing and doesn’t actually have money for any one at the end.”
  • “The final between Fiona and Debbie and Carl is the mastermind of the game.”
  • John Wells Productions Instagram

Overall, Frank seemed to get more votes than anyone else on the Shameless cast as who was most likely to win. Unfortunately for fans of Kev and Veronica, they didn’t seem to get any votes as possible winners.

Would you watch a Shameless and Squid Game crossover? Which member of the Shameless cast do you think would win? Share your thoughts in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for the latest Netflix news.

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