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‘Love After Lockup’: Rachel Dating Domenick Nati?

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Former Love After Lockup star Rachel is truly selfless. Though things soured with her and her felon husband, Doug, she still came out on top. She had been raising his tween son, Dougie Jr. and viewers wondered what would happen after they split. The bond the two had formed was so strong. Fortunately, she was able to maintain custody of him and he continues to flourish. Yet, what about doing positive things for herself? Has Rachel finally moved on? Possibly.

Trying Her Hand At Love After Lockup

Credit: Rachel's Instagram
Credit: Rachel’s Instagram

Admittedly, Rachel liked bad boys while she was the caretaker. She joined the Marines at age seventeen and then became an engineer. Her past loves included inmates so when she found Doug, it was not that much of a shock. She appreciated his tattoos and the fact he was 6’5″ tall. Eventually, they wed while he was still in prison. It was not until he was released that they got to be intimate for the first time.

Unfortunately, they faced too many issues once he was released. His communication skills were subpar and his family warned Rachel he would go back to his old ways. Even his son deemed him a womanizer. It was only a matter of time before the dream collapsed despite Rachel asking him to consider family therapy. As it turns out, he may have been cheating on her during their courtship.

More so, Doug was found to be tampering with his ankle monitor. Following this, he was arrested on a bevy of charges. Still, Rachel protected Dougie Jr. who has found a family and formed a closeness with her own son who is slightly younger. The only man followers have seen her out with is co-star Daonte. They have met up and formed a great friendship. That is until now.

What’s Up With Rachel and Domenick?

Credit: Rachel's IG
Credit: Rachel’s IG

Friday night, Rachel and radio host, Domenick Nati enjoyed an evening out. This is not the first time they have met. He interviewed her in early September for his show. However, it must have gone well because they enjoyed dinner at Mom’s Spaghetti. The duo also kicked back with some cigars and appeared to be having a lovely evening out.

Credit: Rachel's IG
Credit: Rachel’s IG

Rachel’s followers could not help but comment on the photos she shared on her Instagram. “New man?” one inquired. Another added: “Lucky guy … you look amazing.” Now, they may look good together but they are not a couple. According to those who work with Domenick, this was just a first date.

Will there be more for the Love After Lockup fan favorite? Only time will tell. For now, she seems to be enjoying life and the company around her.


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