‘Below Deck Med’: Hannah Ferrier Almost Quit Before Joining The Show

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Below Deck Med alum Hannah Ferrier made a shocking revelation. She revealed that she almost quit yachting before she joined the show. As fans know, Hannah was part of the show since its inception. In a recent interview, she talked about how she auditioned to be on the reality series.

At the time, the Aussie was over yachting. She decided that she was going to leave the industry behind. Little did she know, she would stick it out for four more years. Hannah also admitted that she had no idea what she was getting herself into.

Below Deck Med alum was over yachting before joining the show

Hannah Ferrier made an appearance on Below Deck Sailing Yacht star Daisy Kelliher’s podcast, Pita Party. As TV Shows Ace previously reported, Daisy revealed that she almost worked for the Below Deck Med alum. They also talked about Hannah’s beginnings in the industry. The former chief stew said that she was ready to quit the yachting industry before she got a call for an audition.

“My whole interview process for Below Deck Med,” Hannah Ferrier shared on the Pita Party podcast. “I was following a music festival around Croatia and partying in the Great Highlands and I used to forget that I would have Skype. [Producers would] be like, ‘Hey, Hannah, we’re online.’ And I was like, ‘F***! I’m wasted at a beach club!'”

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[Credit: Bravo/Instagram]
Daisy joked that the producers would enjoy that information. Hannah laughed and said, “Exactly, she’s gold! She forgets everything. She’s always drunk.” While Hannah got the gig, she admitted that she never watched the show before.

“You know, you’re traveling a lot. You don’t have money, so you’re not on Wifi and that sort of stuff,” Hannah Ferrier continued. “I’d seen a few clips on YouTube, but I really had no idea what I was getting in for.”

Hannah Ferrier revealed why she wanted to join Below Deck Med

The entrepreneur shared why she “really” decided to join the show since she didn’t know anything about it. Hannah Ferrier joked that she only did it for the tips. “I could make up for the fact that I just spent the last four months like a music festival around in Croatia,” she added.

Daisy thought it was brave of Hannah to take on something new. “Because obviously at the time you were leaving yachting anyway,” she noted. “I don’t think you probably wouldn’t have done it if you were still planning on staying a few more years. But you know, at that stage, it’s like, ‘Well, what do I have to lose?’ You might as well.”

[Credit: Hannah Ferrier/Instagram]
[Credit: Hannah Ferrier/Instagram]
Hannah Ferrier revealed whether she had any regrets about joining the show. She recalled that working in yachting was considered taboo in those times. Regardless, Hannah doesn’t regret anything that happened, leading up to her firing in Season 5. She revealed that she’s “grateful” to the show and everything that it “has brought into my life.”

Hannah wouldn’t have been able to purchase a new home if it weren’t for the money. Now, she’s moved on from the yachting industry. She has launched multiple businesses, including her own podcast. Below Deck Med airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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